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"I received my Tombstone in record time. Thankyou for your promptness. It looks like a great training tool. Keep up the great work in coming up with some really unique training products."

By Carl Windle


"The Tombstone arrived today. Once again a great piece of kit. I like the way it can be used with the Vulcan for 2 hand closes as i can have my hands in exactly the same position as I do when using the Euro Pinch. This should build more strength in the thumbs for both pinch and thick bar stuff.

Im really pleased with the Tombstone. Ive been playing around with it today and have been using it with a gripper in and with weight attached; basically just closing it with one hand and walking with it, the additional weight makes it tough. Ive wanted a tool like that for a while after doing some work on the house. I had ordered various bits of wood and while carrying a few bits of wood together in one hand it really hit deep in the muscle, the wood was different sizes and sort of moved inward when lifted. It gave me the idea of a spring loaded pinch block which is basically what I can now do with the tombstone."

By Mark Robinson





Vulcan and Thumbscrew video review by Joe Musselwhite


"Cheers for the tip [No need to be thinking only of a full closure only, as the Pinch is an isometric movement anyway. I close mine as far as I can, do reps, and do holds.], yeah I guess it's rare you would pinch anything as narrow as the fully closed position anyway. I think it's going to be a good addition for me, I like my TTK but rarely use it as I do most of my training in the gym at work and it's too big for my rucksack!"

By Paul Wood


"Just recieved mine recently. Top stuff!"

By Daniel Evans


"I just got in and mine were delivered today.
They are great! Simple in design and easy to underestimate. Very good fun, will help me conveniently build my pinch grip. 1" off closing #1.
Big thanks to david and bill.
Will work these for a while keeping a note of my progress."

By Daniel Emerson


"I received mine today... and they look great! Thanks again David! "

By Bill Hays



"I've received the book, the Dinnie Rings and the one hand lift handle.  I read the book straight away and really enjoyed it - I didn't think a book this specialised would ever get written!

By Mark Martin-Dye


"Read the book this weekend and when I put it down at least 6 other guys asked to read it as well. It got passed around the pool area with everyone asking me questions about this and that to do with weights and history. Brilliantly researched as always and a joy to read. A must for anyone who's tools are weights and barbells."

By Nick McKinless


"I have one more "m" to add to your new book, muscles & medals - magnificent! Thank you for doing the work to compile such a comprehensive resource."

By Michael Fera


"Anyone here, who is into Barbell History, will love this new book. My new fave.
Great pic and article of Reuben, with his Jackson and Milo bells he recently restored.

Awesome job on this book Dave, you should be proud!"

By Dave Hartnett


"I received the book a few days ago, but did not get a chance to look it over until this morning. I think it turned out great. It certainly opens up a whole new world of weights for me from a collectors view. The old ads were great, many of them I had not seen before & I loved the photos of the weights from your collection. All in all a super reference guild to UK weights !"

By Reuben Weaver


"Great job on the book. I couldn't put it down."

By Joe D'Agostino

Well done... this is real contribution... I enjoyed it very much indeed... very informative. My knowledge about weights has been considerably ramped up - and many things I didn't know now make sense or fit into the grand scheme of things... and thanks for the mention re Pullum disc - a real pleasure. I'm going to keep a lookout for unusual discs for you from now on."

By Dr. Tom Balchin


"Took delivery of mine yesterday, great stuff. Yours in strength."

By BIG Al Christie


"Just thought I would drop you a line to say I received the book the other day and haven't put it down since. I keep refering back to it, what a great read and must have took you a while to research."

By Mark Robinson



"WOW.. What a workout.. My partner loves it because I have to pull my arse off just to stay in the match. We were both sweating.. I'll also do rolling thunder 1 hand rows (while doing a wrist curl in) between sets, then back to the handle for a total armwrestling burn out .. My hand/wrist/back and bis are feeling stronger in just 1 week..".

By Scott Latella (U.S. Armwrestler)




"I got this so my 2 year old daughter would leave my grippers alone. My wife thought it looked fantastic and now she wants to get one. When I actually tried it it was far stronger than I ever thought it would be and useful for warming up the pinky and ring finger or just a bit of stress relief."

By Mark Martin-Dye




"Orbigrip arrived this morning just as I came to the end of an intense hand workout (TTK, tough grippers, Expand your hand bands) - obviously I couldnt not have a go! Managed a knee-balanced inward and outward rotation set on both arms at 150 reps each direction before having to go to work! Gotta say that even that measley effort has pumped my brachioradialis plus a part of my inner forearm near the elbow that I've never even felt before! Cant wait to have another go when I'm 'fresh' and rested! LOVE IT!  Congrats on developing this brilliant device, m8!"

By Marco Ardimento


"Received the orbigrip yesterday and I must say that its very well designed and does a fantastic job of working the forearms wrists tendons and ligaments. I think that your web site is great and your video clips are an inspiration to get training,  I've also applied some of your training idea's for pinch grip for myself which are very effective I love it."

By Stew Hunt


"I admit it, it's met my expectations-which btw, were High!

Something that you are going to spin round and round in your hands, with some heft to it HAS to be totally smooth and nice otherwise you just will not use it. It has to have Zero wobble apart from what your wrist does so it needs to be dead precise.

Gotta hand it to your David. Your OrbiGrip has these qualities. I've just sat and watched Voyager whilst sat in the chair playing with it. With no weights-and going as fast as I could, supported and not. Then adding .5kg weights the same thing. Over and over. To start with things were done slow, but it wasn't long before I was basically spinning it with no weight as fast as I could manage.

Brill! It's been quite a long time since I managed to get a good allround forearm pump and arm pump. This did it. I suspect I'm going to get a fast twitch benefit here as well. As I like hand weapon training like knives, sticks of varying sorts and swords, this is going to help. Same with badminton.

I'll let you know if the sprain in my ring finger (left hand) recovers too using this LOL. I did that will too much gripper work-oops.

All in all, very happy with this purchase same as the Vulcan. I have to confess, I've not seen many instances of a gadget or "special" tool for easily training something that delivers. These two do.

Thank you very muchly! You never know-give me a few years, I might be able to join in some of these competitions (ok, without embarrassment).

By Richard G.


"All the reviews I've read are true- This is an absolutely amazing bit of kit. Just a couple of minutes at the end of a workout created a massive pump and left my forearms looking and feeling like I'd borrowed them off someone else. I should benefit from this massively in the long term."

By Mark Martin-Dye


"Got my OrbiGrip Friday and put it to the test right away.

1) Very well made = All Steel!
2) Very smooth spinning
3) Use empty for warm-ups = no weight needed
4) A 1-1/4 lb. weight was challenging for sure. I bought
some 1" hole washers that weigh 4 oz. each. I start with
4 and do drop sets of 50. WOW! What a burn and pump!!!
5) Noticed this morning that my thumb pads and pads on the
pinkie side of my hands were sore.
6) Easy to get used to = 3-5 minutes.
7) Some may think this thing is expensive ( I disagree) but it will last
a lifetime for sure.
8 Seems ideal for recovery work and healing an injury (increased blood flow).
9) Addicting? For sure!
10) Shipping? FAST! David sent mine out on a Tuesday and I got it Friday. Unbelievable!

Just get one!!! Great job David!!! Thank You!!!"

By Mighty Joe Musselwhite


"I took some pictures today while I was working out with the orbigrip. It's an awesome tool and I love the feeling I get from it. I can surely feel when I'm pulling that I've more hand control of my opponents since I got the orbigrip. Thanks!"

By Sarah Backman (Swedish armwrestler)


"As many of you know David Horne and I have been friends for some 15 years now. David has always been extremely innovative with strength training gear that is simple but highly effective. I think apart from his classic 'Iron grip Course', the first piece of equipment I purchased off David was the old Whale Bone Gripper which I still have and use from time to time. Since then David has gone on to produce some of the most innovative pieces of strength training equipment in the world. I should also mention that Dave Johnson is the master engineer behind David's mad scientist drawings, plans and visions! Dave Johnson is no slack Harry when it comes to strength either, having lifted succesfully in many competitions and most recently crushing down the infamous Iron Mind Red Nail with ease.

The two David's most recent and perhaps most important device to date is the OrbiGrip. I was first shown this early last year at the Midland's Strongest Man in Birmingham. David had the prototype in the back of his car and I gave the wierd looking thing a few spins and wondered what I was going to ever use it for!

6 months later and the OrbiGrip has arrived and is a dynamic piece of kit that has more than one use to more than one set of athletes. Basically the OrbiGrip is held in one hand where an apposing loading pin sits upon a bearing that spins. This creates a centrifugal effect and thus forcing you to hang on hard to keep the rotations of the apposing loading pin to spin smoothly. As with all great tools it is easy to load weight on. I should reiterate, you won't need much weight! In fact you could start with just the unloaded OrbiGrip and get a perfectly good hand, wrist, forearm, bicep and shoulder workout. 

This is my first day and first time using the OrbiGrip properly. I put a 1/2kg disc on and managed 200 revolutions on each hand, spinning the weight in both directions. WOW! Let me tell you now why you want one of these.

  • Hand Strength. Particularly endurance is tested massively and in a very (I hate to say it) functional way. 
  • Elbow health. Sore elbows? The amount blood (nutrients) rushing into my elbows made them feel spongy and not the usual creaky, inflamed feeling I have from old tendonitis injuries.
  • Rotator injuries? Again, this is quite brilliant. It taxes the shoulder joint but in a very small range of motion. This small amount of mobility is having a very positive effect on those little muscles that support the shoulder joint.
  • Forearm size? Struggling to add size to your forearms are we? I think we have the answer right here gents.

I think this tool would be an amazing addition to just about any sport from tennis, golf, squash and all raquet sports to cricket, baseball and hockey to all combat sports like MMA and boxing and really anything where the forearm, hand, bicep and shoulder are used in unison - which is pretty much EVERY sport!

As with all David's products it is extremely well made and very good value for money.

Highly recommended not just for the strength and grip guys but for ALL SPORTS."

By Nick McKinless


"Hi David, want to tell you I received it today and it is awesome! it is addictive and my forearms are pumped! works great on the AW table and me thinks this is my new favorite piece of equipment".

By Keith Stokes (U.S. Armwrestler)


"Having bought both David Horne’s Vulcan Hand Gripper and Wrist Developer I knew the high standard of products David sold and was hence very excited to hear about his new product the Orbigrip. I put in an order and as always Davids customer service was second to none, I received prompt delivery and the product was very well packaged.

On unpacking the Orbigrip I could instantly tell it was up to David’s normal high standard of production, it is a very well constructed and sturdy bit of kit and is definitely designed and manufactured for serious training.

The Orbigrip is different, in fact it’s innovative! I’m a grip-training addict and have scoured the Internet for all manner of grip tools, yet I have never come across another product like it. Within a few seconds of starting to use the Orbigrip I instantly realised its benefits. It works the hand, the wrist in all its plains of movement, the forearm and elbow joint. Because the work required to keep the Orbigrip rotating is continuous it creates a serious burn and will build up both strength and stamina in the hands, wrist and forearms. I could manage about a minute without any additional weight on the loading pin before my arms could take no more, how David manages 10 minutes non stop is currently beyond me but I intend to see if I can match this.

After watching the instructional video on David’s web site I followed his suggestion and put some 2.5 inch pipe insulation on the Orbigrip handle, this was great it gave it a whole new edge and made for a great workout.

Having done a Brazilian Jujitsu and Judo I know the importance of strength endurance in the hands, wrists and forearms. The ability to maintain a strong grip for the entirety of a fight is a serious advantage and there is nothing worse than getting in to a finishing position after a long time grappling and just not having quite enough grip strength to make it count.

I think the Orbigrip is a great addition to the training of any martial artist in fact it would also be of great use to any sportsman who uses their arms and grip continuously throughout the duration of their discipline. I would highly recommend this product and can wait to get home to night to train with it again."

By Fraser Yuill


"I feel Orbigrip is EXCELLENT for beginning with, warm and prepare my forearm and wrist for the rest of the (not excessive, for the time being) workout (a few wrist curls - reverse -rolling, gripper, wrist developer, levering, pinch). I'm very pleased with the items and I try to have a balanced training with days off (I also started to train the rest of the body, slowly, for overal strength)."

By Vasilis Kogiannis


"The Orbi-grip is an amazing training tool. Great job!"

By Joe D'Agostino


"David I received the Orbigrip and I worked out with it using 5lbs and 10lbs and it was awesome, all I can say is your a genius.  Please make more equipment in the future. Thank You."

By Ali Saleh


"Just to say mate. Really love the Orbi-Grip. Using it approx 3 times a weeks for sets Clock-wise and anti on each arm 75 sec's each way for 2 sets.

Really bringing on some size and forearm muscular endurance
Getting some decent size off it too.
And not sure if it related but it's helping my crushing ability to (poss from the squeezing the handle) can close the coc 3 at random now."

By Shawn Kenny (UK Strongman)


"Ive just used it tonight, one set with no weight for only 1 min then another set with a half kg plate on for 30 secs both inside and out rotations. What a killer and at only 30 secs the half  kilo felt very hard  especially when doing the outside rotations. My wrist and whole forearm increased in size while using it quite quickly and now a few hours later my forearms are still partially pumped with the veins still sticking out on each forearm!

Ive tried many tools before but this one is something else,what a great invention.Its going to be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks using it"

By Mark Robinson


"I was telling Nick Mckinless about the orbigrip and he said he should get one , in fact here is my review to him.

Its working, and its very smoothe and comfortable to use. I'm not going very hard on it so that I don't tense my stomach too much after the hernia repair but I notice inprovements in forearm, and wrist development already.

I use it everyday sometimes twice a day, only with .5kg and only with 100 revolutions one way and then the other with each hand , but it gets all the lower arm and grip.

I think David Horne does a thousand revolutions with a 1.25 kg of weight and does it for time , up to 10 minutes.

You can do it sitting or standing.

I also bought his vulcan gripper which is a big ugly fucker with a moveable spring, once you train on that it makes the COC's feel like little girly grippers. Again I am taking it easy until I have completely mended."

By Darren Johnston




Review by Adam Glass


"My stuff arrived yesterday - sweet!

I doubt I would own another gripper if I had had this first. I suck as badly on it as I do on all the other grippers although I love the feel of it - I really will need to practice setting to do much on it."

By Chris Rice

"David, the Vulcan arrived yesterday safe and sound. Have to say I am more impressed with the design and build after getting a good look at it than I was just looking at pictures on the website. It's a beautiful design and piece of equipment. Looking forward to training with it."

By Aaron Concorran


"Quickly wanted to say thanks again David for getting the Vulcan out to the gripper training masses! And thanks to John Eaton for loaning it to me for this long!

I don't think it's coincidence that I've spent the last 2 months working more with the Vulcan (4 different sets: TNS, CCS, 20mm, and MMS) and all of a sudden I not only close the hardest #3 I've touched (not counting Jason Payne's MONSTER #3) - but I smashed it shut and held it solidly for a 3-count. Long enough for Al Myers to take a nice clear photo of it for my "conquer wall," haha. I have failed on Al's old steel-handled #3 since the first time I picked it up in 2005. And I was already closing #3s at that point. In January of 2006 I failed again (@ 1/8") and that's around the time I DOUBLED the MM2 during that cert. Tried it twice in 2009 and failed by about 1/16" a few times.

I went to Al's Dino Gym on Saturday to go through the events that are in our grip contest in 2 weeks (Dino Grip Challenge). Point being that closing that particular #3 wasn't the only goal I had in mind. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't the only thing I thought about on the trip down to Al's.

Training with the Vulcan has increased my setting strength significantly. I don't believe it's increased my close strength, but I've been working with TSGs consistently for that part of the equation.

I have wanted to close that #3 for 5 years now! And to finally slam it shut was actually sweeter than either of my MM certs. I don't know what it calibrates, but it's obviously not in the "normal" realm of #3s. 175ish probably. It has never been oiled and binds up sooooooooooooo hard on the close.

Also doing a lot of work lefty with the Vulcan and have had even better progress than with the right. Not as strong as my right, but I only missed the nasty #3 by 1/8" or less on one of my lefty attempts on Saturday.

I know I've rambled on about it, but I know the Vulcan has helped me close the gap on a monster #3 and I wanted you to know that I was very happy with my results David!

My wife has even been training with it. It'd be better if we had the easier springs, but since it's not even my Vulcan I figure we'll just go with how it is now on Level 1. I've shown her a few ways to "assist" herself on the set and the close by placing one tip of the top bar on the countertop and then press down on the lower bar to help push the handles together. I've NEVER seen her do more than 2 gripper workouts in a row until now. She's put together about half a dozen with the Vulcan and doesn't seem to be slowing down any. They're not high-volume workouts, but she's putting some effort into it 2 or 3 times a week now and that will add up over the long run."

By Ben Edwards


"The advantages over regular torsion spring grippers are obvious-much cheaper in the long run and no difference between the right and left hand. I also have an Iron Woody adjustable gripper which I was very happy with. Now I've got the Vulcan, the only advantages the Iron Woody has is that it is easier to close and it is lighter (if that is an advantage in the strength training world!). If one of your goals is to work up the COC grippers then the sweep and spacing of the Vulcan is practically identical to that of a torsion spring gripper. Moving up and down levels on the Vulcan is far simpler than the Iron Woody- there is only one spring to think about. Finally, the Vulcan looks and feels how a strength training tool should-heavy welded steel that challenges you to pick it up and try it. If you only ever buy one handgripper, buy the Vulcan. If you have lots of grippers, buy the Vulcan anyway-you could probably won't need most of your other grippers again."

By Mark Martin-Dye


"Hi i just got my Vulcan gripper this Friday and i am very impressed! Its already my favorite gripper by far, thanks alot!"

By Jonas Hansson


"I'd just like to say how awsome the Vulcan is. after my grip stalling at #2 CoC for ages, this has finally given me stepping stones all the way to the top for one simple price. crush work is now a regular exercise in my training schedule and I'm setting my sights high. Progress has already been achieved with just a few weeks of training. All the CoCs are now for sale, why would i ever need one again!!?"

By Philip Pitman


"The package arrived today, and I must say: WHAT A BEAST! I have little experience with gripping tools but this... well, this... is outstanding! It's completely amazing.
Very well built and strong, nothing compared to any other kind of grip I have ever tried.
I can barely close level 2-2 and I USED TO consider myself quite a strong guy. Seems that I was totally mistaken :)
Thank you for this wonderfull tool. Now I can start practicing my grip the way I should.
Thank you once again"

By Alain Gongola


"This is the best gripper out there, no question. I think I have around 20 torsion grippers, but all I need for training is the Vulcan. It has many many achievable difficulty settings with its movable spring, which alone makes it very useful, but when you combine that with the fact that it is microloadable with elastic bands, it is priceless. I'm the sort of person who loves microloading as I like to see noticeable improvements in my strength levels, and if I can add one band and close it, then that is a stronger close than the same level without a band. The gripper doesn't bind up at the end either, so you can get more productive reps/sets in a session at that difficulty level. It is also great for training to set a torsion gripper. I have read many great things about this product, and I have to agree with them, a definite must for any grip enthuiast, athelete or if you just want to improve your crushing strength without having to buy a new gripper every time you get stronger."

By Elliot Sands


"My Vulcan gripper arrived yesterday & I just used it for my first session. It's really well designed & well made. Thanks :)"

By Richard Fakes


"Got my Vulcan yesterday. Absolutely Awesome! Now my favorite grip tool.Thanks for making and selling such a GOOD grip tool."

By Mighty Joe Musselwhite


"VULCAN GRIPPER! Hey David, one big complaint about this now I have got it and tried it out - WHY didn't you make it years ago? I have waited so long for the ultimate gripper and this is IT!! Took it out of the package, set it to the lowest level and squeezed - WOW! Supersmooth action, no knurling surprisingly comfortable, amazed at how tough the spring is! Okay, closed it comfortably but if lowest level really is around CofC trainer level then my grip has gotten weaker than I  thought as it took more effort than I was expecting. Never tried a trainer level gripper so don,t know, all I have left now is a virtually untouched CofC number 2, cannot close it now, did 3 reps on it years ago."

By Lionel Paulo


"Just a quick note. Got the Vulcan...simply the best!!!! That thing is wicked!!!"

By Joe Dagostino


"I received the gripper today in great condition and I must say it is an absolutely amazing tool that you've engineered.  I warmed up with my trainer (cause I felt Level 3 might be a bit much for me to warm up on) and got down to business with the Vulcan.  "Unreal" is the best way to explain it.  Just a fantastic piece of grip equipment.  Everything felt just perfect.  Maybe it's the lack of knurling (which I like), or maybe it's the type of spring, or the spread, I'm not sure what it is, but it is bar none one of my three 'must have' training tools (just for reference, the other two would be some sort of block weight and a thick handled implement).  I just cannot say enough good things about your gripper, so I'll stop before I continue to repeat myself."

By Grant Mochizuki


"I love this gripper! Its helping me with my set – no knurling is forcing me to focus on keeping the “dogleg” in the right spot in my palm and is carrying over to trad grippers nicely – thanks!"

By Paul Knight


"I just received my Vulcan Gripper. Me and Paul Knight bought one each to cut the cost of shipping. This product is first class and HEAVY DUTY. Great work man. And thanks, this is sure to do wonders for my gripper strength. And I hope all is going well for you and the family. Hopefully someday soon I'll be contacting you with a cert vid. Until then."

By Casey Emery


"Throw your grippers away!

You only need the Vulcan Hand Gripper from David Horne to do all your crushing grip training from now on. I sold 90% of my grippers and I haven't missed them at all. This innovative piece of equipment should be in every gym. The design is solid yet smooth and highly addictive. This is THE gripper toy for 2008!"

By Nick McKinless (Britain's Strongest Man u105k 2006)


"This is as expected a really well made tool and feels just like a regular gripper .At only £50 it is a steal, mine has more than paid for itself as ive sold over half my gripper collection as the Vulcan can give me many different strength levels by a simple repostion of the spring"

By Mark Robinson


"Lovely piece of kit. I've been playing with it last night and today and a number of the guys in my gym have tried it too.
Seems to feel better with the shorter, 'inside' handle is in the palm. (by inside, I mean when you look at the pivot)
Nice smooth action, and as David says in his video, it doesn't skew, so it's good in the left hand as well.

David, how much do the weaker springs cost? Quite a few guys couldn't close it on the lightest setting" [20 and 10% weaker springs can be purchased in the shop, and will be fine for anyone]

By Andy Christie


"What can I say? This is a tremendous piece of equipment"

By Al Christie (Scottish Strongman)


"Got mine today, feels good in the hand; a nice meaty gripper. I think it is all the better without knurling.
The trainer notch feels tougher than my ironmind one though"

By Ahmed Hussain


"I got mine today! And this thing is awsome!
Never really been fond of grippers but this thing IMO is way better than grippers. I will defenetly work on this thing regularly, and test my strength every now and then on ordinary grippers to see how I progress.
And I totally agree that it is better with no knurling. There is no need for that on this thing.
And a question for you David, what settings on it would you say equals about a #3?" [I think that having the red spring on the #4 notch on each side is equivelant to a #3 gripper.]

By David Wigren


"I got mine today. This thing is awesome. I like the weight of the gripper, feels great in your hand. This thing should be standard equipment for anyone wanting to close "big" grippers."

By Robert Petruna


"Many thanks for a top-end quality product that no one, whether a collector, serious trainer, or combination, should be without. The Vulcan arrived in perfect condition ( I think it looks more ominous than anything Vulcan, I think I will call mine "Thulsa Doom", from the Conan film) and had me working like mad within minutes.
I own RB, COC,Tetting, and Brookfield grippers, and your quality is at the top in terms of heavy-duty, no-nonsense, progressive training. I LOVE that there is no skew to the handles, and equally awesome is NO KNURLING- the chalk works perfectly on this tool!
Thanks again, and I would tell everyone considering buying a Vulcan Gripper to make the move-you will only be disappointed if you DON'T."

By Bill Bredeck


"Got mine today David, thanks very much, great design awesome piece of kit! Recommended to everyone. I agree, the #4 notch feels very much like a #3"

By Sam Solomi


"I received the Vulcan hand gripper. Very nice. I like the fact that it is adjustable and set up with grips much like a Captains of Crush.

Reminds me of old school...... heavy duty welding, painted dark and meant for a serious work out!"

By Steve Phipps (World Champion Arm Wrestler)


"The gripper has just arrived, nice speedy service! It's certainly a robust piece of kit. I had a go at some CCS closes straight out the packaging, my best so far is on Level 8, both hands. It will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable training tool."

By Michael Mackenzie


"My gripper arrived this Monday, and it's a nice piece.
I have the Ivanko Super Gripper and the John Brookfield Gripper, the two "all in one" gripper, and i think that the Vulcan is the best so far.
I give it a try the other day at the end of my gripper training and i can close at the #4 notch with both hands.
Good work David"

By Jose Jara


"I received the package and i of course already use it..and it is definitely a great thing to train with...I think it will never got broken even if you use it everyday...
Do you think that i will need to oil that thing sometimes or the string or will it get noisy after a while ?... Unless you tell me otherwise, i don't think that i will need to have special care fot that thing ! it looks like it will last forever...in silence"

By Mamy Ramahatra


"Just got my, awesome gripper, my results are far from awesome as we speak tough."

By Michael Rabich


"Just got my Vulcan gripper today, and it is a beautiful piece of "kit".
I have the Vice gripper and used an ISG (sold it after getting the Vice), and the Vulcan gripper is the best of the bunch.
One other thing about the Vulcan that hasn't been mentioned is that the angle between the handles closer approximates the angle of a regular torsion spring gripper. It matters less for those who only train deep sets, but the Vulcan really gives a good feel for training the wider sets. I'm surprised by how little the lack of knurling matters -- it really does feel a lot more like using a regular TSG than either of the other adjustable grippers that I've tried.
Highly recommended for anyone looking for one adjustable gripper."

By Howard To


"I just received my Vulcan Hand Gripper and truly love it.
It is superior to any gripper I have ever used (and will ever use).
It's smooth in operation and truly stimulates the hand and forearm muscles. God bless you for your insight in creating this product. It is ahead of its time. You have a gold mine here."

By Charles Wilson


"Its great to be able to buy from somebody who really knows their stuff and has developed such top class equipment.  Its really obvious with the Vulcan and the deadlift handle that they're just built to be extremely strong and functional - not to be chrome or fancy for the sake of it - just to get the job done better than anything else (which they do)!  Also especially good value for such small scale production items! 

I'll no doubt be ordering a wrist developer and possibly the wheel/ tyre adapters next...  Keep up the good work and good luck to Elizabeth"

By Simon Lindley


"While I have only been using grippers for a few months, I have quickly become addicted and have already amounted a substantial collection of grippers. I have the pleasure of owning grippers made by Ironmind, Robert Baraban, Heavy Grips, Beef Builders, Ivanko and John Brookfield. So when I saw that David Horne had a new gripper on the market I instantly knew I had to have one.

The gripper was delivered promptly and arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. The fist thing I noticed about the gripper was the build quality. I already owned a David Horne wrist developer which is a fantastic training tool and is of extremely good quality this set the standard of my expectations for the Vulcan Hand gripper and I can say that I was certainly not disappointed. The Vulcan hand gripper is extremely well made and built to last. It is easy to use and the handles are great to train with. In my opinion the lack of curling on the handles actually makes them better to work with and the use of chalk eliminates any minor issues of slippage.

I quickly concluded that the quality of the Vulcan hand gripper is excellent, however this was not what impressed me the most. The gripper has 22 settings, this could lead you to say that this is 22 grippers in one, however this is not the extent of the grippers resistance levels. The fact that you can micro load this gripper using rubber bands effectively means that there are hundreds of settings and you can progress up the scale using very small increments of resistance. This is a break through in gripper training, while the Ivanko Supper Gripper and its various hybrids provide many levels of resistance it does not replicate the action and feel of a torsion gripper the way the Vulcan hand gripper does. If you wish to obtain Certification with the COC grippers then I would say that the Vulcan hand gripper is an essential purchase, as it will allow you to gradually progress between the grippers. Even if you were to spend a small fortune on grippers between the settings of the COC grippers you would not be able to obtain the anywhere near the same level of progression. However this gripper does not just offer a way to progress towards COC certification as David has set up his own certification process, which has injected fun and new challenge in to the World of grip training and will provide inspiration and motivation to hundreds of trainees.

In short this is a fantastically well-made piece of kit, which offers an affordable and extremely effective way to progress your crushing training. The concept behind this gripper really does open the door to a whole new way of training crushing strength and I would highly recommend this gripper no matter what your reasons for training are. It will work extremely well in assisting a serious trainer progressing towards gripper certification, aid tremendously in training grip strength for other sports and hobbies and is also a huge amount of fun for anyone simply wanting a constructive hobby to release the stresses of daily life"

By Fraser Yuill


"Just as my family and I returned from a little 4 day vacation, my Vulcan Gripper was waiting for me at the post office.  All I can say my friend, is that this is not only a true world class gripper,  it is a true work of dedicated thought and knowledge applied to the world of grip strength.  My father and I loved it the moment we saw it, felt it and took it for it's first 'test drive'.   This will without a doubt not only help us achieve some serious strength goals we have placed on ourselves, but more importantly for my family,  guide father and son once again on a journey in the "World of Grip", using one of the finest tools available anywhere.  Maybe one day I will have the pleasure of shaking your hand in person...until then, please accept my most humble request to call you my friend"

"The fact of the matter is simply that this tool is exceptional for building real down-to-the-bone strength and the way it feels in either hand is beyond compare, as if it were a natural extension of either.  And that's not forgetting that I own MANY grippers, all of which I am very fond of.  It's almost as if my hands beg me not to put it down.  You hit an 'out-of-the-ballpark' homerun with this one David.  Thank you for your great contribution to the World of Grip"

By Raul Hernandez Jr.


"I got my Vulcan gripper in the mail today. I was amased to see this huge chunk of metal reveal itself from the package. The weight of this thing and the quality is just fantasic. Now i,m ready for some serious grip training. Thanks!"

By Marius Aanesen


"The Vulcan its my favourite grip tool ; very easy to carry and it does the job to improve GRIP strenght a lot ! My fingers, wrist and biceps are asking for mercy. One thing i noticed: the setting its harder than the regular gripper wich its an advantage. For those interest to calibrate their grippers (average,medium,harder) pick the vulcan and find out for yourself!

Ex- level 11= easy #3 ... level 12=medium #3 ... level 13=hard#3 .. and so on."

By Hugo Castro




Video review by Jonathan Umpherville


"I recieved my WD and wraps in the post today and I was even more happy with the product that i thought i would be! It is fantastic!"

By Terence Mitchell


"This is an excellent piece of kit not only for steel benders, but for anybody who wants to strengthen their wrists and forearms.  The build quality is of the usual high standard and it feels solid like a proper piece of strength training equipment.  Unless you are super human I'd recommend getting a lighter spring- I've got the weakest (white) spring and I'm up to about level 9 of 22.  This is still easier than level 1 with a red spring.  Very satisfying to use, highly recommended!"

By Mark Martin-Dye


"I received my wrist developer this afternoon. Man, that is one heavy duty piece of equipment! It is definitely made to stand the test of time."

By Seth Collins


"How many times has the question been asked (especially by UK Members) "Where can I buy steel?"?
Benders: Your saviour is at hand! You need never buy steel again! Just buy this instead!
First impression: Nice piece of kit, well crafted, royal blue paint, shiny spring, and like all truly great pieces of training equipment, so incredibly simple, it's astonishing no one's ever done it before.
I was worried that it wouldn't be too much use to me as it's designed for DU, and I bend almost exclusively DO, I shouldn't have been concerned, it works equally well both ways up.
First try: Not a hope in hell! David, why did you ship this beast on it's hardest setting???
Set it to it's easiest setting, and you can tell this was made by a legend! I haven't got any wraps with me (I'm at work, but was too excited to wait until I got home!) but I would guess that even now, it's approaching a yellow in strength.
Nice looking, very impressive piece of work. Well worth the money, I shall be using this a LOT, money, and finding places to buy steel were the main concerns I've had about bending, but now I never need to be concerned about that again! Hurrah!
Oh, and it also means you don't have to think of exciting new ways to dispose of bent nails."

By 'twig' Neil Belcher


"I had the spring on the lowest setting last night to experiment with different hand positions to get a feel of how close it works the hands, wrists and forearm areas of my style of bending, I was pleased with how natural it felt and even had a go with a double underhand grip. I have had a long training lay off because of elbow pain and can't give it a proper work out just yet, but I felt it working all the right areas and can't wait to really get down to some serious training with this excellent bit of kit. I had almost given up on trying for anything harder then the Grade 5 bolt, but I'm getting real excited again with anticipation of how far I might be able to achieve. From now on I bet this is going to be the single most used piece of equipment to progress my reverse bending. Good luck, I hope it takes off big time always a pleasure to see quality British innovation."

By Eric Kightley


"The Bending machine arrived today its great its exactly what i was after and has found a place in my training routine- it will save me a lot of money."

By Andrew Mitchell


"Yes I forgot to mention I received the wrist developer yesterday I'm very pleased with it, it's well made and strong, I cant move it on the harder setting so some work to do yet."

By Mark Robinson


"The Bending machine arrived on Friday. It is a cool device and I had a great first training session with it."

By Martin Kotte


"The bending machine arrived today! Thanks for sending it. It is a very nice piece of equipment and the training with it will obviously pay off! If You have lighter springs in the future please let me know. It would make it easier to progress on the machine with smaller increments."

By Burkhard Macht


"I have one and this piece is a BEAST, in the lightest setting is hard. But i never did bending, so i know that i don´t have the strength that requires the bending.
Nice piece of equipment !!"

By Jose Jara


"The developer is a great piece of equipment! I had two sessions with it already, and the best I got was 3 full reps on the first setting. Of course I will aim for the hardest setting, but that will probably take me a while. It is also very handy that the developer makes it possible to get 1.5 settings, when you cross the spring inbetween hole 1 and 2. Any serious bender should get this!"

By Theo Burggraaff


"I originally ordered your wrist developer simply to add it to my strength collection. However, after receiving it and hearing how you used it to rehab your shoulder, I began to use it in my workouts. Not only have I added additional strength in my wrists, I have also worked out some serious “kinks” in my nagging shoulder as well.

Thank you- GRIPMASTER for your masterpiece!"

By Dennis Rogers (Famous Pro Strongman)


"Whenever I'm asked, (publically or privately), what is the secret to my Bending I always respond the same....Reverse Bending. I feel that by developing that style and using it patiently and consistently, it has made a big difference in both my wrist strength and my crushing strength, strength that carries over to other bending styles and grippers particularly well. I recently acquired David Horne's Wrist developer which closely simulates this style in a compact package. The standard spring supplies enough resistance for Godzilla, and the optional lighter springs should accommodate even the least experienced trainers. It feels great, and as an added bonus I find myself alternating hands for equal development, something I tend to avoid with actual reverse bending. I feel this is a great addition to my arsenal."

By Pat Povilaitis ("The Human Vise")


"Got my David Horne Wrist developer a couple of weeks ago and I am quite happy with it. Really haven't exerted with it yet to avoid overtraining and injuries for the upcoming SOHGC2 tournament. BTW I did need to swap out springs for the time being, I will try the stock spring sometime in April. Nice quality piece of equipment David, Thanks!!!"

By Mike Hadland


"I have received the WD (wrist dEVOLUTION ;-)) and I am stunned, what an amazing instrument! When first touching this beast I felt weak...but then I understood what it could do, and now I´m happy spitting blood all over the room, great! I can hardly lift the remote to switch between channels, awesome...the WD is a tough piece to deal with! I am certain that I will enjoy the WD a lot and that I will swear a lot too...while fighting it! It also looks brilliant!"

By Sigfred Rudi (Grip enthusiast & artist)


"Just received my wrist developer.. and this thing is SWEEET!!1 i love it. Got the blue spring and wraps from David. Im gonna play with this thing all day for weeks. Just did 20 reps on the easiest settings and im pumped."

By Kim Naalsund


"Wow this wrist developer is bar non the best little thing  I have ever used. I have saved about 30$ since you sent it. The thing makes you work so much harder thru the whole movement. The balance muscles are smoked. I use it with out pads and man does that put a little more mental work. My hands have grown in size. This will change the way many will train if they know what is good for them. The only thing I see wrong with it is the one side bar is very close for very thick hands. It does not hinder my workouts."

By Steve McGranahan

"The World's Strongest Redneck"tm


"The one for the MGC arrived. I like the feel of it- Feels close to bending steel, or at least as close as you can expect. Like the steel, the reps are hard to start but start to melt a little when you find a groove.

I would say that the biggest endorsement right now would be David's reverse bending progress."

By Bob Lipinski


"You asked me a few weeks back if I think that something is missing in the description of your bending machnie on your site. I have not much experience with armwrestling, but I actually think u could advertise it as a armwerstling assistence training tool.
- It makes the elbow joint resilent to sheering forces
- It hits the all important wrist extensors."

By Christoph Koch


"Received it yesterday and i love it. David customised it for me (added a notch to make it easier) since i intend to use it for Slim Style training. I can do reps on the easiest setting which is how i intend to train with it (mainly reps).

I am sure it is going to be a major asset in my quest to melt and brake a grade 5 slim style."

By Amaury Macaire


"A very useful machine, for high rep pumping sets try taking the spring off and loading up with rubber bands, these can also be used for micro loading with the spring."

By Michael Mackenzie


"Wanted to let you know that I received the the wrist developer today. It definitely is a great piece of training equipment. Much more heavier and sturdier than I imagined. It is also much tougher than I thought, as I am am unable to get a full rep on the easiest spring position ( which I assume is the notch nearest to the  pivot bolt). Will keep working with partial reps till I get stronger."

By Willy George


"I have only been into grip training seriously for a few months but am already addicted. The grip board has been a great source of information and has led me to discover many great training tools. I have to admit I have already got an obsessive collection of grippers and other items. My new grip obsession led me to David Horne's web site and his wrist developer, which I ordered last Wednesday, intrigued me. David was very helpful in recommending which spring would be best for my needs and the wrist developer arrived promptly with in two days of me ordering it.

I was really impressed by the wrist developer, even after my initial "try out" session it was obvious just how great a training tool it is. It truly gives you a great work out and is a fantastic way to train for steel bending. Not only is it a great work out but it will also save you a fortune in steel!! I have to admit I was humbled by just how tough some of the settings and springs are but with a choice of three springs and various settings there is a huge range of difficulty levels, which would allow anyone to have a challenging work out!

I’m looking forward to many good workouts in the future."

By Fraser Yuill


"I received the wrist developer yesterday, and it met and exceeded expectations.  Thank You for your product. I will visit your website from time to time, and will probably do some more business with you in the future."

By Richie Hallihan


"I buy "David Horne' s Wrist Developer " and the wrist has strengthened very
And, it was possible to become "Red Nail Roster" safely."

By Takahashi Yoshiyuki



"This is a great piece of equipment as it is easily adjustable so several of you can train on it at the same time, the surface of the apparatus remains consistent so you can better track your progress, unlike other set ups. This is the set up that is used in competitions worldwide, so you can monitor your progress against other people and train with the proper equipment for tournaments. This is easy to set up, and easy to store so it doesnt take up much room in your gym, and is so much better than what I was training with before. I am very glad I bought it and have enjoyed training with it over the last few months."

By Elliot Sands



"I'm chuffed to bits with the handle and Dinnie Rings- they all look and feel so solid. I'll be working at the Dinnie Rings and I reckon I'll be ready to lift the real thing next year.
Thanks for the excellent products!

By Mark Martin-Dye


"Have been training recently to lift the Dinnie Stones (333kg) in Scotland.

Have done a loads of grip work especially on the the bar wrist roller, thick handled dumbells and loads of trap bar work, not to mention David Hornes Dinnie Stone loading pins (superb! and a must)"

Here's my site.


By Rob Russell


"The dinnie ring replicas arrived today! The quality seems to be outstanding as usual! I'm looking forward to my next support training on Monday. I hope I can make it to Potarch some day to attempt the real thing!
Thanks a lot David!"

By Burkhard Macht


"I just want to give you a quick update because today the “Dinnie Ring Replicas” arrived.
Thank you for the fast shipping!
I'm very very pleased with the “Dinnies”!
After I unpacked them I ran into my gym and loaded and trained with them!
It was a very good feeling, very solid device and they have the exact measurements like the stones!
From now I will focus on it and they will be also a big constituent in my future training.
With this device I can now decide when I book my tickets to Scotland!
Rock ‘n Roll!

Thanks for a great device David"

By Thorsten Moser


“The rings arrived this morning, many thanks. They look and feel really solid and well made. I have my first training session with them planned for later today but I can even now appreciate how different & difficult these are to lift compared with conventional gym equipment. They’ll be played a large part in my training from now on.”

“While I was at Potarch I took the opportunity to compare the replica rings with the real thing. The look very similar, but more importantly feel identical. When I grabbed onto the stones it felt just like in training. A worthwhile investment.”

By Alan Wyne



"I have watched this DVD a few times now and everytime I pick up something new. I wasn't sure whether I should buy this, as there is a lot of information on Youtube and different forums, I thought there can't be much on here that I don't already know. Was I wrong, this is a must for any grip trainee, whether new or experienced. There is so much information on here, even simple little tips that add lbs to your lifts, there are several great grip implements that I have to build now, and a world record pinch lift. This DVD plays out in a fun and interesting way that is interesting and informative. This DVD is one I will watch over and again just to keep picking up little to improve my pinch strength, it's like having two of the best pinch lifters in the world as your own coaches, as they share their years of experience. The bloopers are funny, but also show how much hard work it was to capture all of these feats on camera."

By Elliot Sands


"The Iron Grip DVD is an excellent video for any of the grip nuts out there, or just about anyone looking to gain a bit of lower arm strength. It features one of the better respected giants in the grip community, David Horne, along with Nick McKinless and the equally impressive Elizabeth Horne. Though shot on a budget, with your standard hand-held camera, the production value and editing makes this feature look like something you would see at a local film festival. I quite enjoyed watching it.

The main 54 minute portion of the DVD is broken down into sections covering all aspects of pinch training. Topics covered include the following:

2 Hand Pinch
Hub Lifting
Loose Pinching
1 Hand Pinching
Blobs & Blockweights
Thumb Training
Outdoor Training

Throughout video, David gives great tips on the specifics of each device, hand positioning, chalking, and how to utilize the ideal palm and finger pressure. In each of the sections, David also demos the lifts, many of which are considered at the top of the grip game: lifting the Blob, 45 plate hub w/ added weight, 2 45s, world record 2 HP, and so on. Nick also demonstrates several lifts as does David’s wife Elizabeth.

The main section of the DVD also gives us a glimpse of David’s quaint dungeon gym. Watching someone of Horne’s expertise performing impressive feats of strength in such an atmosphere is very inspiring. You also discover that one does not require the latest and greatest pieces of equipment, or to spend a lot of money on new gadgets to possess a world class grip. Many of the training ideas and tools used in the Iron Grip are rather modest, and could probably be built with things lying around the house. As a DIY type of guy, this is one thing that I really like about this DVD. There are a lot of creative ideas that could be put to good use like: wooden deadlift handles, a very simple Blob deloader, the Plank of Woe, pinch planks, and a rafter simulator. My favorite idea stemming from this DVD is the use of a plain old tire. It’s so simple yet so innovative – absolutely beautiful.

In addition to the main portion of the DVD, there is also about 16 to 17 minutes of bonus material. Therein contains your standard blooper reel with the missed line or two, followed by the complementary and necessary explicative or three. David squirting one out the backdoor after lifting the Blob is a must see – it happens to the best of us. The interesting addition here I found in the missed lifts. We get to see the human side of the elite. Although they make what they do seem easy and normal, they had to bust their ass to get where they are and still have to work hard to stay on top.

I’d say for any grip enthusiast, the Iron Grip DVD should be near the top of your “gotta have” list. It would be a great addition to the grip library. For the average individual looking to add a little grip work, it would be hard to go wrong with this video, however you would probably be just as well off diving into the archives of Gripboard posts or checking the Grip FAQ and Diesel Crew articles.

For the stateside folks, the DVD is approaching the expensive side. The American dollar ain’t shit against the pound so you’re looking to spend about $45 shipped, which really isn’t all that bad. Grip Empire on Ebay has a few copies in the US for around $55 if you want to get your hands on a copy now, as I believe David is currently sold out."

Review on IronGarm forum

"I have just watched this DVD and i must say how impressed I was with it. The DVD is professionally edited by Nick Mckinless, who has worked on over 100 films including the Matrix, Troy and Batman Begins, 2 name just a few. David Horne is a very good presenter. He demonstrates technique and training programs that are easy 2 understand, and has come up with so many great ways 2 train pinch grip using bits of junk that you may have hiding in the shed.
Both Nick and David perform some very impressive feats of strength including a hellish medley and a 16 stone man doing pinch grip chins from rafters. In the extras you get 2 see all the fun the 2 men got up 2 making the DVD which is very funny. The only down side for Nick and David is that I will beat them both on the 2hp now that I know the secrets."

By Laurence Shahlaei (UK Strongman)


"Ive just watched David Horne's and Nick Mckinless's new Iron Grip DVD on pinching and its fantastic ,well worth the money. There is alot of footage of some huge pinch lifts and it is full of advice on the pinch that im sure it will result in new PRs for me on my next pinch workout probably not 108kg as seen in the dvd however. Theres a lot of new stuff ive never seen before in terms of pinch training which im going to try, its always a bonus to get useful training information like this. Everyone will benefit from this dvd and a steal at £20."

By Mark Robinson


"It was in the mail this morning, and not being a morning person, i popped it in and somehow it started with the bloopers. Cracked me up big time, seeing those bloopers, well worth the dvd.
The info is unbeatable, the feats are incredible, go out and buy it!"

By Theo Burggraaff


"Well done David, Nick, Liz and Lucy!!!
The DvD is fantastic, alone the extra material is well worth the money.
You can FEEL that they all had fun!
Great pinching tips!
So much pinch feats, awesome!
Thanks for the DvD David, Nick, Liz and Lucy!!!!
I had a great time watching the DvD.
Looking forward to see more of them!"

By Thorsten Moser


"I'll second that, excellent dvd!! thanks for the great work Dave and Nick!"

By David Hurzeler


"Mine was signed by David and Nick, which I assume was done for everyone, but it made me feel really good about having bought the DVD cos I'm supporting a small business.
Then I watched the DVD and was glad for a whole new set of reasons.
One major criticism though: Not enough Lucy."

By 'twig' Neil Belcher


"Watched it last night. Excellent DVD, packed with information and loads of fun feats to watch as well."

By Andrew Christie


"I received the dvd today and must say very inspirational as well as a unique approach to the filming, loved the bloopers. Can not wait for volume 2 to be released and many thanks for the superb service. Good luck with the training."

By Aaron Plant


"I got the dvd, and I have watched it. That was FANTASTIC! That kind of video we all need. Not too much explanation, but more good feats and examples what to do. Very good indeed. And your wife, Elizabeth is just great, one hand hub pinch 20kg`s!!! And your baby, one hand pinch, good stuff! I´m so exited no, i have to go buy some iron and wood stuff and do some equipment! All tips were just what I need. My best pinch feat now is 2*20kg´s free plates by Leoko blue plates pinch one hand, got some air, and one hand pinchlift 50mm. thick plate, 41kg got some air. Thats my starting point now. Thanks again this good stuff. Must go now buy some."

By Matti Heiskanen


"I just received my stuff. Thank you for sending that so fast. I love the wrist developer. Can't wait to start working on that thing. Your dvd was great too. Truly awesome pinch strength. I am totally motivated. Is there going to be a vol.2 ? Thanks again for the rush service."

By Spencer Horn


"I got it yesterday. Watched it today. I really love it. Huge pinch and many tips. I will use the tips in my next pinch workout. There are techniques on pinch. It is good for biggeners also because they love to be better at grippers. I think pinch has a huge carry over to gripper. Buy it now!

One thing I was really jelous to see the Inch dumbell all the time . Hopefully I will get one soon."

By Bader Samir Alawadhi


"The Iron Grip DVD is an excellent resource to get you on your way to building not just better-than-average Grip Strength, but WORLD CLASS Grip Strength.  I have already begun implementing many of the techniques David covers.  What you are getting in this disc is decades of dedication, experience, and triumph.  David Horne and Nick Mckinless are two of the best Grip athletes in the world.  Do not hesitate to buy this product."

By Jedd Johnson, CSCS


"Got my Iron Grip DVD yesterday and Elizabeth's lifts were awesome and David's weren't too shabby either The DVD is first rate as expected and fast shipping as well. Great insight to the training they do for pinch domination."

By John Eaton




"What a nice birthday surprise I got today to see one of these! Quality bit of kit David, really heavy duty, solid looking bit of kit. Cheers."

By Jonny Mills



"I received both items, the Hand Lift and the hand harness, very pleased. Regarding the Hand Lift, I don't know who craft this item but I never seen in my life a comparable quality handle. It's simply outstanding. I'm thinking seriously to buy a second one in order to extend the functionality. With 2 I can play more creatively, using them for pull ups or as handles for rubber resistance bands."

By Andrei Gheorghiu


"thanks, another terrifically solid piece of equipment.  Hope you'll keep developing and selling more kit!."

By Simon Lindley



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