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"Equipment is first class, can't wait to start using it. I have to say I am so pleased with my titan bars, I have turned the handles upside down, which gives me a 12" pull from the floor, and I am using them as my lower body exercise with sled dragging and cycling for cardio. I have been using them 2 x a week but may drop it to once a week  as the weight gets heavier (150kgs with ease at moment for a couple of sets of 5 to ten reps) I find they hit the whole body hard without all the emphasis on the back as with the deadlift with a straight bar, so easier to recover from. They are more stable than a trap bar and easier to load, I just leave them set up with the cross sections in place each workout."

By Darren Johnston


Here are a pair of Titan's Tanks loaded to 255k being used at the Severn Valley Strongman comp 2008




8" Log - "Hello, just to let you know the log has arrived! looks great and feels good to lift,  thanks a lot for your help, i shall more than likely be after your new farmers walk equipment very soon, as the gyms round here dont use this equipment ill have to buy my own, though ill take some pictures in and try to persuade them otherwise! thanks again and shall be in contact soon."

By Dave Johnson


8" Log - "I received my 8" log with 2" ends and was immediately very impressed before I even tried to lift it, if you look at the company who makes it you will know that they make big, strong, well manufactured items. The welds on this piece is top notch, the steel is thick and sturdy, this thing is built to last and take punishment along the way. I have had fun throwing this log around for the last six or so months, its a fun training item, and a lot of my friends like to test themselves out on it as well. It is a nice change to the normal gym training, and as "functional training" is getting more popular I'm sure I will see more of them around. It great for the normal cleam press and I have been using it for benching in the rack, it seems to be working great for my triceps, I keep adding weight to it every week."

By Elliot Sands


Trainer & 10" Logs - "Logs just arrived, build quality fantastic, got two guys using them now."

By Steve Collins (Director Monster Gym Ltd)


12" Log - "My gym in Dartford purchased some of David's equipement and I have to say it is very well made!! I used the 12" Log and it feels very well balanced!"

By Terry Hollands (Britain's Strongest Man 2007)


8" Log - "Great build quality and it was bigger than I imagined which is a bonus!  I'm very happy!!"

By Daniel Evans


8" Log - "I managed to get home in time to take delivery of the log today, the haulage company driver was very helpful. Jumped straight into it - here it is in action if you are interested!


Thanks for your help, it looks like a phenomenal piece of kit.  Can't wait to start training it properly!"

By Ian McArdle


8" Log - "Lovely thank you David, it came yesterday and the boys love it !!"

By Sue Kennedy (Zeus Gym, St Leonards On Sea)


8" Log - "got the log today thank you, im away till next weekend so haven't see it yet but the wife said it looks good"

By James Bourne


8" Log - "I received my log yesterday, and also used it yesterday. Awsome job, Great stuff"

By Christian Lloyd


"Yoke is brilliant thanks."

By Andy Porter


"Used it last nite great bit of kit. thanks. sean."

By Sean OHagan


"I received the solid axle bar on Friday. What an excellent bar. Thanks for your help and speed of delivery."

By Brendan King


"I got everything and it looks great!  I just need to get my tyres."

By Glen Mack


"Received the bar looks great."

By Michael Walsh


"The axle arrived today.  Unfortunately I was back shift so didn't get a chance to try it out.  I'll give it a go tomorrow, have to say though; looks cracking and well made."

By Sean Frew


"Awsome piece of kit mate, trained with it on Friday and I think its pretty indispensible. As an easy loading bar with no hassle for rack work, its great to mimic the log for all portions of the lift. Absolutely love it and am now going to use it as a regular substitution for all horizontal presswork. Heres a vid i threw together if you're interested...

Thanks again David, im sure ill be in touch again in the future.

By Phil Pitman






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