David Horne's World of Grip
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BHSA The forum for the British Hand Strength Association.

RB Germany My friend Thorsten Moser.

IronMind Captains of Crush grippers and other stuff from here.

World of Armwrestling No1 armwrestling site in the world.

Urban Combatives Self defence site run by my friend Lee Morrison.

IronHistory forum If you're interested in Iron history this is a great forum.

Strongmanfeats Run by Walter K. Crews "GatorGrip", President of Grippermania.

Steve McGranahan The World's Strongest Redneck site.

Beyond Strong Great info from my friend Nick McKinless

Strongman links site From forums to individual sites.

Big Al Christie's site Scottish strongman.

Unequipped Bench Press German site

Vintage Barbells Superb site dedicated to Vintage Iron & Oldetime Strongmen!

Jackall's Gym for all your Rehband, tacky and strongman equipment. Great service from great strongmen!

London Kettlebells for all your Kettlebell needs, and other strength and fitness stuff!

Grip World Magazine run by Steve Gardener

Superior Strongman independently run site by Les Wiltshire.

Laurence Shahlaei aka Big Loz new site from our friend Loz.

A.R.M. Bogdanski run by Kiril Bogdanski with his excellent armwrestling machine.

Straight to the Bar loads of great training ideas and videos.

The Benders Battlefield a great forum for steel bending.

strongerwrist run by Scott Lattela.

Irongrip Ukraine a new Ukrainian grip site

Grip Monsters a new Finnish grip site

United Strongman great strongman site


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