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The 26th British Grip Championships

Saturday 27 Apr, 2019

1. Meat Hook Deadlift
2. Loose Plate One Hand Pinch Lift – 2 x 20k, 2 x 15k, 2 x 10k, or 2 x 5k
3. Pickaxe Lever to Rear (one hand)
4. Half a Penny – Hold (one hand)
5. Snapping of a Grade 5 bolt, a 6” nail or 9” x 6mm S275 steel bar
*Usual 4 attempts allowed, except for the snap which is 2 attempts only.

Classes: Open, 93k, 93k+ and Women’s classes.

Venue: "Grip Factory", 71 Common Rd, Stafford, ST16 3EQ

Weigh in: Stafford 9-10am
Start: Contest at 10am.

Promoter: David Horne

Entrance fees (Levels of payment):
A meal is available to all the competitors as part of their entry.
Early bird: £20 before Mar 1, 2019
£25 from Mar 1 to Apr 26, 2019
Or pay £30 on the day
Juniors £10
Entry fees are non-refundable.
To compete please send the payment through paypal to world_of_grip@ntlworld.com

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.

Record Breaker #6

Sunday 28 Apr, 2019

Choose 3 events from the world record list, also IronMind, and other companies records can be attempted as long as we have the equipment and it is organised well in advance with the companies.
Tell me in advance what events you wish to try.

Venue: "Grip Factory", Stafford
Weigh in: 9-10am
Start: Contest at 10am.
Promoter: David Horne
Entrance fees: For those competing at the previous day's comp free, otherwise £20.
4 attempts allowed on each event


Steel Shredder - King's Shield 2019!

This prestigious invitation-only competition will take place on 11th May 2019. 6 varying steel bending and snapping events will be completed under strict conditions in one day by the 5 chosen participants. The winner will receive this beautiful, custom-engraved leather championship belt as a prize. The strongest steel benders on the planet have been chosen:
Don Cummings (USA)
Zsolt Hornyak (Hungary)
Stan Tomajko (USA)
Reuben Hughes (Wales)
David Wigren (Sweden)

The events:
1. Braced Bend – 30”-14.5” Mid length Bar Bending [World of Grip rated steel] - 16mm x 23” = 249K (batch 9/1/2019)

2. Braced Bend – 14-8” 'Spike' Style Bar Bending (Rated steel) - 14mm x 14" = 242K (batch 5/11/2018)

3. Unbraced Bend – Reverse Bend - Grade 8 bolt (single WOG wraps touching in the middle)

4. Unbraced Bend – Double Underhand - Grade 8 bolt (single WOG wraps touching in the middle)

5. Braced Snapping – 12mm x 21.5” = 101K (batch 9/1/2019)
6. Snapping a Grade 5 bolt (Lying on your back) - Use a World of Grip Grade 5 bolt (6” x ¼”)

Championship belt pic


Grip Tour of Britain - Criccieth Challenge Day

Saturday 25 May, 2019

1. Finnish Frame Pinch – Hold (one hand)
2. Half a Penny – Hold (one hand)
(4 attempts on each event)

3. Snap a Grade 5 bolt
(Top 3 position athletes only - 1 attempt)

Open and Junior 15 & under
Venue: Criccieth Memorial Hall, High Street, Criccieth, LL52 0HB, Wales.

Weigh in: 10am till the event starts.
Start: About 11am.
Promoter: David Horne and the Criccieth Memorial Hall.
Entrance fees: Free to enter.
Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Open class and certificates for juniors.

This is part of the Criccieth Stone of Strength day. So why not do both and combine grip with stone lifting?

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