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Steel Shredder Supermatch #1

David Horne (GB) - Ranked #7


Kirill Vankovich (Belarus) - Ranked #9

Date: 5 Aug, 2019

Three event match:

Event 1. Braced Bend – 'Spike' Style Bar Bending (Rated steel) - 12mm x 9.5" = 261K (batch 5/4/2019) [World Record: David Wigren (Sweden) - 252k [12mm x 13", batch 16/2/18]

Event 2. Unbraced Bend – Reverse Bend - Grade 8 bolt [rated 190.05k] (single WOG wraps touching in the middle)
[World Record: David Horne (GB) - 1 x Grade 8 bolt fully bent, and the second one bent to 24.9deg]

Event 3. Snapping a Grade 5 bolt [rated 166.3k] (Lying on your back) - Use a World of Grip Grade 5 bolt (6” x ¼”)
[World Record: Reuben Hughes (Wales) - G5 Bolt snapped in 1min 13sec]


Steel Shredder #5 is READY TO GO!!

Event: Snapping up to 3 x Grade 5 bolts, or 3 x 6” nails, etc in max 20 mins.
Up till 17 August, 2019

Snapping up to 3 x Grade 5 bolts, 6” nails, etc (Standing)
1. The bolt/nail is usually bent back and forth using the hands and legs, but cannot be bent by the feet or on the floor.
2. Wraps for protection will be the World of Grip 10" x 4" suede wrap on each side of the bar.
3. No gloves are allowed. No wrapping or taping of any part of elbows, wrist, forearm, and hands is allowed, as is the case with all grip contest events.
4. Use a towel for leg protection. You can strap the towel to your leg with a knee wrap or gaffa tape so that the towel stays in place.
5. Bend the bolt/nail, back and forth till it snaps. Max time limit = 20 minutes
6. It is advised to have all 3 bolts or nails wrapped prior to starting as this saves time when rewrapping for the next snap. But it is up to you.
7. Time starts as soon as you start, and finishes when the third bolt or nail is snapped, or the 20 minutes is used up.
8. Someone who only snaps two bolts in the time; their score may look like 2 x G5 bolts bent in 15min.
9. Ratings - G5 bolt = 166k, 6” nail = 98k, and there will be a thinner bar for any small juniors who need it. But most adults will snap a 6” nail or G5 bolt in a 20 min time period.
10. Please show on the video all of the centre of the bolt close up, by rotating it.

You can purchase as many bolts/nails as you wish, and can have as many attempts throughout the time period till the last day.
Please sign up as soon as possible, so that we can get your steel to you in time.
For the video attempt, please follow these usual instructions.
1. Show the bolts/nails, and the snapped pieces at the end.
2. If going for a bodyweight record; please video yourself being weighed in on calibrated scales. If you only have normal scales, weigh yourself and I will allow you the B/W class above. This will allow room for any scales inaccuracy.
3. Weight class structure for records/contests
Men: 59k, 66k, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k, 120k, 120k+
Women: 47k, 52k, 57k, 63k, 72k, 84k, 84k+
Masters and Juniors too.
3. Please send me the video link.

Classes: Open, Women and Junior
Juniors are welcome to compete, with parental permission.
Venue: Multiple venues all around the world.
Promoter: David Horne and World of Grip
Trophies: There will be medals for the top 5 in the Open class, and top 3 in the women and juniors.
Entrance fees: £5, steel is purchased on top of this fee.
To compete, please ask me for a total cost including your steel, wraps and shipping.
1 – 9 bolts/nails = £2 GBP each
10 – 19 = £1.70 GBP each
20+ = £1.40 GBP each
Wraps = £10 for 3 pairs (if you need them)
So 3 x G5 bolts, 3 pair of suede wraps, and the entry fee = £21 GBP

Performance video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sSvD-ZSlN8&feature=youtu.be


Steel Shredder – Alexander Zass Day
Thursday 26 Sept, 2019

To honour the great Russian strong man Alexander Zass the community of steel benders around the world will get together and bend, break and sculpt steel!
26th September is the anniversary of Zass’ death.

Record Breaker/Feat events day!
Choose from 1 to 3 events from either the ‘World of Grip’ world record or Grip Feat lists or in fact any other certificate bend or signature feat to celebrate Zass Day!
Everyone is invited!

Please organise any certifications and equipment well in advance with the companies.
Tell me in advance what events you wish to try, and I will supply all rules for any World of Grip event.

Please video your performances and send me the link and also put them on facebook.

Juniors are welcome to participate, with parental permission.
Venue: Multiple venues all around the world.
Promoter: David Horne

If using World of Grip steel please ask me for a total cost including your shipping.
There is no winner; it’s about showing off your bending skills and having fun in honour of a great forebear of our sport.


Grip Tour of Britain – Camberley

Saturday 5 Oct, 2019

1. Fence Post Lift (one hand)
2. Two Hands Shallow Hub Key Pinch Lift
3. Gold Bar Pinch – Hold (one hand)
4. One Hand Lift – Hold (one hand)

Classes: Open & Women’s
Bridge Road Barbell
Unit 2, Bridge Trading Estate
Bridge Road

Weigh in: 10-11am
Start: Contest at 11am

Promoter: David Horne & Phil Horwood

Entrance fees: £15 to gym members and £20 to non gym members, paid on the day.

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Don Larkin Memorial event - Stafford, England

16 Nov, 2019

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