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Fighter’s Strongest Hands 1

Saturday 27 Jan, 2018

Open to any competitive or training fighter. Let's see who has the strongest fighter's hands! I will help anyone on the day and beforehand. The contest will be fun, but serious. World and British records available on all events, men, women and junior classes. See you on the 27th!

1. Gold Bar Pinch Lift (one hand)
2. HorneTop – Hold (one hand)
3. Stub – Hold (one hand)

Classes: Open, Women, Junior and Team.
Also a Pro-grip section if needed.
Team event – Represent your club and sport [Top scorers from each]

Stafford Fight Factory
At The Sports Shed (Behind Tesco)
Newport Rd
ST16 2EX

Weigh in: 11-12
Start: Contest at 12
Promoter: David Horne & Stafford Fight Factory
Entrance fees: Juniors at £5, adults at £10.
Trophies: Medals and certs


The 7th European Grip Championships

Saturday 28 Apr, 2018

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift
2. Axle Deadlift – Double Overhand Thumbless Grip – 20” Lift
3. Stub Lift (one hand)
4. PickAxe Lever to Rear Lift (one hand)
5. Snapping of two x 6” nails, or one 6” nail

Usual 4 attempts allowed if you wish, except for the snap which is 2 only.

Classes: Open, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k and 105k+ and Women’s classes.

Venue: "Grip Factory", 71 Common Rd, Stafford, ST16 3EQ, England

Weigh in: Stafford 9-10am
Start: Contest at 10am.

Promoter: David Horne

Entrance fees (Levels of payment):
A meal is available to all the competitors as part of their entry.
Early bird: £20 GBP before Jan 31, 2018
Early bird: £30 GBP before Mar 14, 2018
£40 GBP after Mar 14, 2018
Juniors £10
Entry fees are non-refundable.
To compete please send the payment through paypal to world_of_grip@ntlworld.com

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.

Airports: The easiest airports to fly to are Birmingham, or Manchester. You then get a train to Stafford. It's very easy. Most of the guys from Finland who have already come travelled via Manchester. But at Birmingham, the airport has its own railway line with a train to Stafford, about 26 miles away.

Hotels: There are many. Two that are a mile away, and the Finnish lifters stayed there are:
Premier Inn – Hurricane
https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels ... icane.html
Premier Inn – Spitfire
https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels ... tfire.html
These two hotels have three places to eat beside them.

Record Breakers Day #4

Sunday 29 Apr, 2018

Choose 3 events from the world record list, also IronMind, and other companies records can be attempted as long as we have the equipment and it is organised well in advance with the companies.
Tell me in advance what events you wish to try.

Venue: "Grip Factory", Stafford
Weigh in: 9-10am
Start: Contest at 10am.
Promoter: David Horne
Entrance fees: For those competing at the previous day's comp free, otherwise £20.
4 attempts allowed on each event


Grip Tour of Britain - Criccieth Challenge Day

Saturday 19 May, 2018

1. Stub Lift (one hand)
2. MoonTop - Hold (one hand)
(4 attempts on each event)

3. Snap a steel bar
(Top position athletes only - 1 attempt)

Classes: Open and Junior 15 & under

Venue: Criccieth Memorial Hall, High Street, Criccieth, LL52 0HB, Wales.

Weigh in: 10am till the event starts.
Start: About 11am.

Promoter: David Horne and the Criccieth Memorial Hall.

Entrance fees: Free to enter.

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Open class and certificates for juniors.

This is part of the Criccieth Stone of Strength day. So why not do both and combine grip with stone lifting?


Steel Shredder #3

Up till 31 May, 2018

Event: Braced Bend – 14-8” 'Spike' Style Bar Bending (Rated steel)

Braced bending has always been popular through the years; bending thick bars doesn’t get more impressive, unless of course you snap them!
We are now taking the standard up a bit higher from the old Braced Bend ratings on my site, which have been the numbers to shoot for. Now you will have rated poundage numbers to bend. We will have four sections, but for Steel Shredder #3, we will use the ‘Spike’ style size of steel.

1. The bend must be completed within 5 minutes.
2. The bar may be bent over the knee, leg, head, neck, stomach or even in the mouth. The bar cannot be bent by the feet or the floor.
3. One single 10” x 4” world of grip wrap on each side of the bar, and one towel can be used for protection for where the bar will be bent over.
4. No wrist wraps allowed.
5. A completed bend is when the bar has been bent into a "u" shape and the legs are parallel to each other.
6. The bar used will be a rated World of Grip steel bar.
7. Competitor may not lean against any stationary object.
* If there is a tie in the medal placings, the fastest bend will win.

The World of Grip stock steel for this contest is rated with a number. The highest number wins.
The steel comes in half inch increments from 14” to 8”

*You may cut the steel for a bend, as long as you video everything from showing the steel prior to cutting with the label up close and measured, then video the sawing, measure the length again, and then go onto the wrapping and then the bend. No break in the video is allowed.

At the moment we have rated steel over a wide range (see below). For instance a length of 14” x 10mm stock from the first Steel Shredder contest comes in at 95k. Please ask me and I can guide you to the steel you may require.

1. The attempt is to be performed on any day up to and including 31 May, 2018
2. Each ‘Steel Shredder’ bar will be marked with an identification mark.
3. Please video the snap, and close up measuring of the steel.
4. Please send me the video links as you do the bends.
5. You can purchase as many bars as you wish, and can have as many attempts throughout the time period till the last day. This will help your technique, strength and speed over time.
6. Please sign up as soon as possible, so that we can get your steel to you in time.

Classes: Open, Women, Junior
Juniors are welcome to compete, with parental permission.

Venue: Multiple venues all around the world.

Promoter: David Horne and World of Grip

Entrance fees: £5, steel is purchased on top of this fee.
To compete, please ask me for a total cost including your steel and shipping.

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Steel available at the moment:
12mm S275 Steel (16.2.18)
8” = 460K
8.5” = 425K
9” = 395K
9.5” = 369K
10” = 346K
10.5” = 325K
11” = 307K
11.5K = 291K
12” = 277K
12.5K = 264K
13” = 252K
13.5” = 241K
14” = 231K

10mm S275 Steel (16.2.18)
8” = 248K
8.5” = 229K
9” = 213K
9.5” = 199K
10” = 186K
10.5” = 175K
11” = 166K
11.5K = 157K
12” = 149K
12.5K = 142K
13” = 136K
13.5” = 130K
14” = 124K

12mm S275 Steel (24.10.17) - THIS 12MM IS NOW OUT OF STOCK
8” = 454K
8.5” = 420K
9” = 390K
9.5” = 364K
10” = 341K
10.5” = 321K
11” = 303K
11.5K = 288K
12” = 273K
12.5K = 260K
13” = 248K
13.5” = 238K
14” = 228K

10mm S275 Steel (24.10.17) - THIS 10MM IS NOW OUT OF STOCK
8” = 237K
8.5” = 219K
9” = 203K
9.5” = 190K
10” = 178K
10.5” = 168K
11” = 158K
11.5K = 150K
12” = 143K
12.5K = 136K
13” = 130K
13.5” = 124K
14” = 119K

10mm S275 Steel (old)
8” = 190K
8.5” = 175K
9” = 163K
9.5” = 152K
10” = 143K
10.5” = 134K
11” = 127K
11.5K = 120K
12” = 114K
12.5K = 109K
13” = 104K
13.5” = 99K
14” = 95K

8mm S275 Steel (24.10.17)
8” = 149K
8.5” = 138K
9” = 128K
9.5” = 120K
10” = 112K
10.5” = 106K
11” = 100K
11.5K = 95K
12” = 90K
12.5K = 86K
13” = 82K
13.5” = 78K
14” = 75K

6mm S275 Steel (24.10.17)
8” = 54K
8.5” = 50K
9” = 46K
9.5” = 43K
10” = 40K
10.5” = 38K
11” = 36K
11.5K = 34K
12” = 32K
12.5K = 31K
13” = 29K
13.5” = 28K
14” = 27K

Cost for Braced bars
1 – 9 bars = £3.70 GBP each
10 – 19 bars = £3.10 GBP each
20+ bars = £2.50 GBP each


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