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Nov 1 to Dec 31 – (finishing date) Steel Shredder #11 - multi venues
Max Kg Reverse bend at 6” length – max poundage for 40 degree plus

Entrance fees: £10, steel is purchased on top of this fee.


Dec 3 – Conan the Barbarian day – Record Breaker Day #9 – International – multi venues
90 years since the first Conan story "The Phoenix on the Sword" was published in ‘Weird Tales’ magazine, December 1932. Unleash your inner Barbarian!
Entrance fees: £5 per person payable to World of Grip. If promoters wish to charge more for their venue this is at their discretion – the promoter will be liable to send payment directly to us at the time of submitting results.


Dec 17 - "Usain Bolt-Off!" - Sprint #11 - multi venues ‘Christmas tree!’ [Snap the end third of the Grade 5 bolt with the head (137k rated), then bend the remaining piece into a ‘V’ to a max distance of 2” gap between the leg ends] - single wraps (can have another wrap ready to use once the snap has happened)


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