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Steel Shredder #12 – ’Multiples’
From 5 Feb up to and including 20 Apr, 2024
Event: Multiples – how many 6” nails taped together can you bend?

6” nail [150 x 6mm]; rated 80k [Red] or 68k [White] being used.
20 mins time limit.

Here is the order of difficulty, and the fastest wins:
Five x 80k nails
Five x 68k nails
A quad x 80k nails
A quad x 68k nails
A Triple x 80k nails
A Triple x 68k nails
A double x 80k nails
A double x 68k nails
A single x 80k nail
A single x 68k nail

Double or single WOG 10” x 4” wraps to be used.
[World of Grip rated steel]

Classes: Open, Women (Juniors are welcome to compete, with parental permission)
Venue: Multiple venues all around the world.
Promoter: David Horne and World of Grip
Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class

The steel bent will be the 6” nail; rated 80k [Red] or 68k [White]
Entrance fees: £10, steel is purchased on top of this fee.
Cost for steel:

Rated nail = £1.70 GBP each
20 rated nails = £20 GBP total

You tape your own multiples of the same nail (80k [Red] or 68k [White]) together as required.
To compete, please ask me for a total cost including your steel and shipping.
Paypal payments to world_of_grip@ntlworld.com

rules video -----
For the video attempt, please follow these usual instructions.
1. Show the nails all on the video before wrapping and bending.
2. Please post the video on facebook/YouTube, and tag me.

3. Show the finished nails’ bend gap alongside a ruler when done so I know they are bent fully. A completed bend is when the nail has been bent into a "V" shape and the inside ends of the legs are no more than 2” apart.
4. The bend must be completed within 10 or 20 minutes.
5. The person who does the fastest bend wins.
6. You can have as many attempts throughout the time period up to and including 15 Mar, 2024

7. As usual no wrist wraps allowed.


Record Breaker at Armwrestling
20 Apr 2024
Stafford Grip Factory

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