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Peter Horne Memorial Day Contest 2007

England's Strongest Man 2007

Climbing Snowdon 2007

Climbing in the Carneddau 20th October 2007

Whey Consortium Power Challenge Dec 2007


Climbing Y Garn 29th March 2008

Peter Horne Memorial Contest 5th April 2008

Britain's Strongest Man Midlands Qualifier 13th April 2008

World Strongwoman Championship 24th May 2008 (Tczew, Poland)

England's Strongest Man 2008

Climbing Y Garn & North Wales beaches July 2008

Climbing Moel Hebog November 2008

Rossendale Rampage 2 Armwrestling December 2008

Whey Power Challenge December 2008


Arm Wars - Iron Curtain Armwrestling Jan/Feb 2009

Items from Wag Bennett's Gym 19/02/2009

World Challenge Armwrestling March 2009

Preston Panthers Armwrestling Comp April 2009

England's Strongest Man 2009

Arm Wars - Trafford Centre July 2009

British Junior and Novice Armwrestling Championships 2009

World Armwrestling Championships September 2009


World's Strongest Hands - The Gathering 2012

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