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31 Dec 07 - For 14 weeks I've been doing a continuous session till I snap the nail/bar - working up to a Grade 5 bolt. The snap is unbraced style.

Today was the first day of my new workout and I altered this session slightly.
Reverse bend, and snap a 6" Grade 8 bolt (triangle brand), Curl 40k, and Pinch the tyre and round the tyre with a 2.5k in the tyre.

You do 1 bend and pullback, then 1 curl, then 1 lap of the tyre, then 2 bends back and forth, 2 curls, and so forth - until the nail/bar snaps. It's a right bugger when you're doing 10 reps on each!

Today the G8 bolt snapped in 27min 47sec on the 10th round (doing 10 reps of everything). This is for my armwrestling endurance training, and you get incredible pumps on this, and also it trains your mind to carry on through intense pain.

So this was MY New Years Eve session - now to relax for the night.
All the best for 2008 - whatever your goal, I hope you achieve it!

24 Dec 07 - Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008 - from David, Elizabeth & family.

23 Dec 07 - Yesterday I had a great time at the Whey Consortium Power Challenge event, and the dinner after. Here's all the results and pics.

19 Dec 07 - I spent quite a few hours this morning getting loads more strongman results up and sorting the page out, thanks to Luke Killick.

Wow, it's been hectic! Stuff is selling really well - the Vulcan Hand Grippers are going quickly (if you want to pre-order, the offer is limited to the first production batch, so get your orders in!) - we have also sold out of the Wrist Developer and Pinch Grip DVD - and are desperately trying to source a new supplier for more leather wraps.

10 Dec 07 - Elizabeth is 24 today!

At the weekend 2 great grip contests around the globe were contested, the Gripmas Carol comp in the U.S. and Perth's Grip Strength Challenge in Scotland - results and records are listed on this site.

20 Nov 07 - We had a great time at the weightlifting Hall of Fame dinner at Burton on Sunday, and it was really nice meeting up with some old faces again. Elizabeth performed really well, doing pb's with the Pinch Pastilles which weigh 20, 25 and 30kg - passing the 30kg pastille round her back 2 times! Some men can't pinch lift this off the floor. She finished the show off with a feat of strength popularised by the old-time strongman Edward Aston, in which she holds two handles in one hand that are being pulled apart. She held the two weightlifters for the required 20 secs! I gave Elizabeth a breather in between, nearly fully bending a 39" x 20.3mm bar, but ran out of steam. Thanks go out to those who invited us.

9 Nov 07 - Incase you need some Xmas ideas, we have a couple of new products available in the shop. First is a Wheel/tyre Converter for an Olympic Bar, which is a cheap way to make yourself some great looking bumper discs, and the second is the Adjustable Pinch apparatus available again.

21 Oct 07 - Bending Steel in the Clouds!

We did the climbs yesterday and were very lucky with the weather conditions. It was a beautiful day! See pics.
It was certainly a far harder climb than my last climb up Mt. Snowdon, a good step up for me, but of course it was Elizabeth's first climb!
I got the record bend (27" x 16.11mm bar) on Mt. Pen-yr Ole Wen (3,209ft) in front of a climbing club. They took videos and pics and gave me a round of applause which was nice. At the next Mountain Mt. Carnedd Dafydd (3,425ft), I couldn't and neither could Elizabeth get the bends fully. At this point we were very tired and had been climbing for about 5 hours.
I'll get the video up on youtube tomorrow. There's also a section of this site devoted to climbing and bending here.

13 Oct 07 - Results of todays Bending supermatch, and Record Day.

12 Oct 07 - I bought a TENS machine 2 days ago to see if it could help ease the pain in my shoulder. I wasn't sure about it and was sceptical, but boy after 2 days of using it my shoulder feels the best it's done for 2 years now. I had surgery on it some 10 months ago, and can't believe why the doctors didn't prescribe this for my rehab. Anyway, just a heads up for anyone in pain, maybe this could work for you.

8 Oct 07 - The BHSA bending has come into line with the FBBC and Gripboard certs and lists. We still have the Reverse and Double Underhand sections, but the Double Overhand section has changed to Freestyle which incidentally it always was prior to my lists. Obviously most athletes will still use the Double Overhand style, as this is for many the most proficiant unbraced bending style. The Double Overhand style will be similar to the Crawl in swimming, in which it is used exclusively in the Freestyle section. We have taken this decision to not only come into line with the overall bending scene, but to stop any injuries coming about by athletes who are not flexible enough for the Double Overhand style.

6 Oct 07 - There was two big shocks in the Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals today. Firstly England beat Australia, and then France overcome New Zealand. Both winners showed a never-say-die determination to overcome the favourites. I love sport, and can watch most sports, and am always really interested in the mind play of the athletes. So when you are at your next contest always remember that the contest is never over till the final whistle, and if you're hurting so are they - it's then time to put some extra effort in!

25 Sept 07 - Congratulations to british strongman Terry Hollands on his 3rd place at the recent World's Strongest Man contest held in America. The top 3 were; 1. Mariusz Pudzianowski (Pol) - 2. Sebastian Wenta (Pol) - 3. Terry Holland (GB). Photos.

23 Sept 07 - Some BHSA contests/events have been added to the forthcoming events section.

21 Sept 07 - More strongman results have been put up.

13 Sept 07 - As you can see to the side the forming of the British Hand Strength Association has happened. This is an exciting time for our sport. Please read the info on the link.

I've also with Mark Williams been getting the strongman results together. Please contact me with any more information.

10 Sept 07 - I've added and updated the British Records list If anyone needs any info on how to go for a particular record then please contact me.

9 Sept 07 - Yesterday's Champion of Steel contest was awesome. I was pleased to meet faces old and new, Here's the results.

5 Sept 07 - I'm looking forward to this weekend's UK Champion of Steel contest, and meeting up with faces new and old. See you there.

27 Aug 07 - I've updated the records page here so that it reads easier. Have also added qualifying poundages in wherever there is not a record.

We also list single lift records as well, which is a very useful way of getting strongmen and other athletes who don't want to have a go at a full contest because of other commitments involved. This will bring more people to the sport which is only a good thing.

26 Aug 07 - Results from this year's GGC are here. Congratulations to Chad, Scott and Amy.

20 Aug 07 - I’m sad to have to announce that I will not be going to the GGC. A few have known that I have been fighting a finger injury for about 3 weeks, but this has got a lot worse in the last week. The injury has meant that I cannot straighten my finger.

If the injury had have been on any other body part I would have competed, as I have in the past (sometimes with disastrous results). But this is my first finger injury prior to a comp and it just negates your hand strength massively. Believe me when your biggest pinch suddenly becomes 72.9k as it did today, it's no joke!!

I am on strong painkillers and anti-inflams. I will not train till my hand is right, as this was close to really snapping. The tendon is very tight. I will also write off this years contests and events, it's time to rest and get my hand right again.

13 Aug 07 - Elizabeth overcame a couple of mistakes and dug deep to come 3rd in yesterdays Britain's Strongest Woman comp. It took us 6 hours to travel back last night! Anyway, the pain doesn't stop for her, as she's off this afternoon to have her eye lid operated on - nasty!

11 Aug 07 - For those interested, Elizabeth just added another 60 photos of old-time strongwomen to the section Strongwoman A-Z 18th century - 1970

Hope everyone likes them. If anybody else would like to contribute photos to the gallery, or any short biographies on the athletes she will add them to the section. This would make it an easier task to do, as she still has thousands of magazines and books to go through.

Now she is going to get a bit of rest before tomorrows Britain's Strongest Woman contest!

10 Aug 07 - NEW!
Check out the new GripTips page here - I've had a lot of requests for advice and technical help with certain lifts, and this seemed a practical and affordable way to provide it. Take a look and tell me what you think!

9 Aug 07 - Here is a new article on the top lifts done in the One Hand Deadlift, in all it's various styles.

9 Aug 07 - Finally uploaded the photos from the UKSC England’s Ultimate strongest man final. There are some great stone lifting pics - hope you enjoy!

6 Aug 07 - I've just spent a few days doing a new history article on steel bending/breaking from the 1950's. Hope you enjoy!

31 July 07 - I bent a 13" x 12.20mm bar today, but at a cost. A finger injury I have had now for a week is really bloody sore. Oh well more ice on it I suppose!

29 July 07 - It was Elizabeth and mine's wedding anniversary today, and what better to do on a nice sunny day (not many of them recently) that to watch a strongman comp. This was the UKSC England’s Ultimate strongest man final held at Lichfield. The top 6 qualify for the UK champs in Ireland.

1. Jimmy Marku 53.5pts
2. Jay Hughes 40pts
3. Rob Frampton 37.5pts
4. Mick Holding 35.5pts
4. Dave Meer 35.5pts
6. Simon Flint 34.5pts
7. David McAneney 29.5pts
8. Simon Morton 26.5pts
9. Richard Gorin 24.5pts
10.Wayne Tunstall 11pts

I'll get some photos up in a day or two. Big well done to all the guys who competed.

26 July 07 - Firstly let me say that our condolences are with the family of Jesse Marunde who sadly died yesterday at a very young age of 27.

I would also like to remind anyone thinking of competing in the Champion of Steel comp that the entrance fee is to be with me by Aug 8th.

And finally I have been doing a little bit of research today and have added the 1955 British Nail Breaking Champs results to the past grip results.

25 July 07 -Yesterday I worked all day editing Elizabeth's new dvd, and it will be ready any day. I think it's awesome, but I would do!

19 July 07 - Sorry for the lack of news here, but honestly we are so busy with work and training that it's hard to have time for much else. Anyway, a tractor company yesterday allowed us the use of their old tyres for flipping, and boy are these massive. Today Elizabeth went through some bending today for her upcoming dvd. This was done in the beautiful area of Cannock Chase forest. Anyway, she bent;

1. 38" x 5/8" [16.47mm] HRS round bar braced.
2. Next was speed bending, where she bent six 24" x 1/2" [12.39mm] HRS bars braced in 22.69 seconds.

3. She then coiled a 48" x 1/2" [12.39mm] HRS bars into a fish design with two loops for a head.
4. Reverse Bending was next, and she bent a Grade 5 bolt x 6" to a 7 degrees bend. Then she bent an 8mm thick x 6.5" HRS round bar [rated at 212.5k] to 40 degrees.
5. Lastly she bent a 6" nail easily whilst holding a 40k barbell in the crook of her elbows.We should get the interview and intro done tomorrow and then it will be time to edit it. The dvd will be ready soon.

3 July 07 - I read a very useful comment today from Michael Mackenzie, who recently purchased a Wrist Developer - here's this golden nugget piece of info "A very useful machine, for high rep pumping sets try taking the spring off and loading up with rubber bands, these can also be used for micro loading with the spring."

So simple, but effective - we like it!

30 June 07 - We are just back from a week's holiday in Italy. It was very hot, and also a great time. I will get round to everyone's emails and messages today or tomorrow.

20 June 07 - Training, training, training! This is all we seem to do, well along with working. But my progress for the GGC is spot on - just 9 weeks to go, and I HAVE to be strong to beat the lifters there. Elizabeth is also training daily, in fact on 3 days of the week she trains twice a day! But this is also working well, she has just 7 weeks to go.

15 June 07 - Elizabeth has her new programme geared towards the British Strongest Woman comp in August. It's tough, but she's enjoying it. If you are interested in the history of strongwoman then check out the pictures in the A-Z on GripGirl's site here.

14 June 07 - All the rules, entrance fee and info has been sorted for the forthcoming Champion of Steel contest on 8th Sept - here. The venue is the same hall we used for the Champion of Champions contest. It should be a great day, with a lot of steel to bend. Please support the contest.

11 June 07 -We had a great time yesterday down at the Severn Valley Strongwoman/man contest. The ladies event was a superbly run contest along with the mens, and Agata Wrobel (the former world champion, and olympic medalist weightlifter) got her revenge on Elizabeth for her defeat 2 weeks ago.
Very hot, and great strength and endurance sapping events. Elizabeth won 2 of the 5 events including the Walk of Pain, where she walked with a 62.5k milk churn for 100 metres, and actually held it for nearly 3 minutes.

1- Agata Wrobel 13pt
2- Elizabeth Horne 11pt
3- Hanne Bingle 7 pt

8 June 07 - Rules and levels for Braced Long Bar Bending have been put up here.

6 June 07 - Got a late birthday present today, which combines my love of adidas trainers and gripping (see picture to the left).

5 June 07 - Sorry for the lack of updates here, but we have been so busy with contests, training, work and of course the TV and media work. Elizabeth is competing again this Sunday down in Whitminster, Gloucestershire at another strongwoman comp. One of the events is the stone lift for reps and she has her last session on this today. We had a lovely, albeit hot day at the Stafford Strongman contest on Sunday (Lucy's birthday), see picture of Elizabeth with the two time World's Strongest Man Geoff Capes who was there reffing.

I'm onto week 7 of my training for the Global Grip Contest in August and all is going well so far - we're on track!

22 May 07 - I'm 45 today - woohoo! I celebrated my birthday down at the BBC TV studios today with Elizabeth as she was a guest on the Paul O'Grady show.

In the show Elizabeth chatted with Paul O'Grady and then rolled a frying pan. In the second part of the show she did a Guinness World Record of bending twelve 24" long x 1/2" (12.4mm) rounmd steel bars in 1 minute. She was presented with a certificate from the Guinness referees who were present.

The other guests were the actress Alison Steadman and the actor Will Mellor who talked about her and cheered her on.The host Paul O'Grady was a really nice chap!

This programme is aired on Friday evening at 5pm on the mainstream tv Channel 4 here in the UK.

Ok I've had a super birthday - good night!

21 May 07 - Elizabeth sets off to London early tomorrow morning to appear on the Paul O'Grady TV show. This will be aired on Friday May 25th at 5pm on Channel 4 here in the UK.

20 May 07 - I was very pleased to win my 10th British Grip Championship yesterday. Results. I am even more pleased to see that my base strength is very high as I did no training for this comp, as I pulled out of it in April with a back injury, and only decided to do it on the morning. But I have actually done 4 weeks of rep training for the GGC in August - so this helped greatly.

14 May 07 - Lots more old-time strongwoman pics have been added to Elizabeth's gripgirl site.

10 May 07 - Check out the new site from Nick McKinless called Beyond Strong.

9 May 07 - Infomation on a big bending contest called the UK Champion of Steel can be found here.

6 May 07 - Elizabeth Horne has just started an A-Z on strongwomen from the 18th century to 1970 here It's a work in progress, so keep checking back for info and pictures. A few pictures and some info have been added tonight under A, B and V (Athelda, Miss Barcaronow, and Vulcana). Hope you enjoy.

2 May 07 - Onto week 2 of my 18 week programme for the GGC. Nothing heavy, just lots of reps on the stuff that I can do. Also lots of massages on my back, and a very painful one today on the scar tissue in my shoulder!

30 Apr 07 - Training on what I can do, and doing rehab for my back and shoulder.

27 Apr 07 - I felt tired for most of the day today, so didn't expect much in training, but actually it was good! Elizabeth bent a 5/8" thick bar x 4 foot long into a u shape. Check this unamed video on youtube to see the strongman Frank 'Cannonball' Richards.

25 Apr 07 - We did more filming today. I've seen many strength feats in my life, but I saw an extraordinary display of strength, endurance and guts today from Elizabeth. I know she's my wife, but believe me what I saw was amazing!

After four other feats filmed, she finished the days training off with an attempt at lifting 50,000lbs with one hand. She used 140k (308lb) in the One Hand Lift and attained 163 reps in 7 mins 50 secs!!

For a total poundage lifted by one hand of 50,308 lb in 7 min 50 secs.

All this was filmed, as with most of her sessions for the future strength dvd, or if you can't wait the clips are on her site.

!24 Apr 07 - Work and training is crazy for Elizabeth and I. We are on the go for what seems every minute of every day. We are trying to keep our supplements high. I have just started my 17 week training programme for the GGC in August. It feels good, and when my back is sorted I hope to be on form.

21 Apr 07 - Booked my flight today for the trip to the U.S.A to compete in the Global Grip contest in August. I'm really excited about it, it will be a great challenge for me. Also we've been having a go at some bar scrolling. I can even do it today, as I don't feel it in my back, or my shoulder really. I read through some old books and got a few tips, and I tell you it was very fullfilling, and a good workout, especially when the steel gets thicker.

Elizabeth scrolled a 4 foot long x 1/2" bar today.

16 Apr 07 - I am going to pull out of the Brits. This is because I have done my back in again. I did it whilst pressing on Tuesday, and then foolishly had a go at the One Hand Lift yesterday resulting in me now back on the painkillers, and lying on my back. I have to realise now if I have any chance of going to the U.S. then I have to take care of myself, and Elizabeth has banned me from taking part. Since I did my shoulder in 2005, it has been one thing after another, and I kinda realise that the age factor now is really playing a part. I really love competing, but am also a bit sick of constantly taking painkillers.

I'm really pissed off to have to make this decision, sorry to let anyone down.

10 Apr 07 - Only 9 days left to get your entrance fees in for the British Grip Champs. Details here.

9 Apr 07 - Elizabeth's World Record on the Rolling Thunder is on the IronMind list, and in the news column with a photo and write up. She thanks everyone for all the emails, comments and messages.

8 Apr 07 - Photos done by a professional photographer of yesterday's events are here.

7 Apr 07 - Read all about the amazing lifts done at the Peter Horne Memorial Day here. This includes a World Record by Elizabeth Horne on the Rolling Thunder, and a Grade 5 bolt bent by her in 53 seconds! Here's the news in the IronMind news column.

3 Apr 07 - Elizabeth did some crazy stuff today, including bending a Grade 5 bolt fully in 3min 51secs. She has also gotten a huge amount of praise for her great displays of strength - here, here, here and here

1 Apr 07 - Got a page up of my Nail Sculptures over the years here.

26 Mar 07 - Elizabeth bent a load of things that someone sent us. She did this up at a beautiful nature reserve. Nice day it was!

22 Mar 07 - Elizabeth just keeps suprising me with world class feats nearly every training session now. I believe she's probably at her strongest ever now on a wide variety of events/exercises.

Today she: 1. Rolled up 2 Frying Pans together in the car park at B&Q retail park.
2. Bent a Triangle head Grade 5 bolt x 6" in 11 mins 16 secs.
3. One Hand Lift L/H 207.5k and R/H 207.5k. Biggest ever!

All this and MUCH more will be on her new DVD. Not many men can put those 3 feats together, and there are no women I know of!

21 Mar 07 - Yesterday I sent off my entrance fee for the British Grip Champs, so I have 7 weeks to get into contest 'shape'. I haven't competed since 2005 when I won the Champion of Champions, and haven't done a Brits since 2004! I am using this first contest as a warm up maybe for the Global Grip Champs in the U.S. in August. Now to do some serious training!

20 Mar 07 - I finalised some of the storyboard today for Elizabeth's dvd, it's coming along nicely. When I have most of the footage I will do a preview on youtube. Some of the stuff is being done again so we have better angles, etc, it's a lengthy process. Of course it's tough on Elizabeth as she has to do world standard feats back to back, day in day out!

But what we want is to be proud of this venture in years to come.

14 Mar 07 - A lot of filming was done today at the top of an old castle for Elizabeth's forthcoming dvd. Anyway, one of the things she did up there, was bend 2 x 6" nails taped together in about 1 min 30 secs. Her best yet!

13 Mar 07 - Elizabeth had a great training session today, and lifted the 80kg round stone to chest height 3 times.

8 Mar 07 - Elizabeth won a RB 210 cert gripper when she correctly answered the question to their recent quiz to guess the amount of grippers in Rudi's drawing. Hopefully she can cert on it!

7 Mar 07 - Please view Elizabeth's incredible workout today for the forthcoming dvd in her training section at the bottom here.

4 Mar 07 - Please check out the new piece of Gripart done by Norwegian artist Sigfred Rudi here.

2 Mar 07 - Nick McKinless brought the dvds up here today. I think there pretty damn good, but hell I'm biased. We signed them as well. I also took collection of the 20% weaker springs. Please ask for information regarding these when purchasing them. Personally I don't think you need both of them.

28 Feb 07 - Elizabeth and I had a tough days training and filming for Elizabeth's forthcoming strongwoman dvd. Some great feats she's never attempted before. Also the 10% weaker springs are here from the manufacturer. I've marked them 'yellow', and they are shown in the shop.

26 Feb 07 - Bent the 6.5" FBBC Bastard bar today Reverse style to 40 degrees. This is the second time in 3 days, but I was outside the time on saturday. Now I will do a lot of workload on my Bending machine before I get ready for the 6" FBBC Bastard bar.

26 Feb 07 - Well the Theo v Steve supermatch was a massive success. So I will try and line up some more. I have learned a lot from saturday, and will mention a few points here.
1. It ran very smoothly and quick, and I will try and make the interval entertainment more constructed next time, and broadcast before the day what is going to happen.
2. I will have the Supermatches as 6 event matches from now, with 2 intervals. Each athlete will choose 3 events. There is no need for a wild card event (which could turn out unfair), as we use coefficiants, or as in Germany you can use the percentage points system, which is equally effective.
3. So that someone doesn't just choose 3 events that are similar, I will draw up a little list of sub sections in which they can choose 3 events of their choice from any of these.
4. A Theo v Steve II, could be a possibilty, sometime in the future!
Thanks for all the effort guys, David

24 Feb 07 - Read here about the supermatch today in Gloucester.

23 Feb 07 - Good luck to Theo and Steve tomorrow in their Supermatch. It will be a fun day. If you are coming to it, and you haven't met me before please intoduce yourself.

22 Feb 07 - Elizabeth's bending goes from strength to strength! She bent a 5" IronMind blue bar in 15 min 45 secs.

19 Feb 07 - Elizabeth bent her first 8mm bar today. A 6.5" long HRS 212.5k Challenge bar, which she did in the Reverse style to 42 degrees, and then finished it DO in under 2 mins. This was Elizabeth's first reverse style bending for a very long time. All she had done in the meantime was use the Bending Machine and bend Double Overhand. We have got a new counter at the bottom, as the other one disappeared, and along with it 10,000 hits!

18 Feb 07 - Elizabeth was busy today being filmed for a forthcoming strongwoman dvd. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! I nearly reverse bent a 6.5" FBBC Bastard bar today. I got it to 36 degrees, 4 degrees short of a successful bend. Maybe I can 'nail' it next weekend at the Supermatch down in Gloucester.

16 Feb 07 - Today I watched the finished Iron Grip Pinch Lifting DVD, and it was excellent. I'd forgotten how much stuff we filmed, this has all the tips! We hope that the dvd will be ready for 5th March, maybe earlier, and the 1st 50 copies purchased will be signed by Nick and I.

16 Feb 07 - Gary Hunt bent a 4.5" FBBC Shiny Bastard bar sent to him from Ben Edwards. Here's the video.

16 Feb 07 - Done my fourth day of Reverse bending in a row, and have absolutely no pains whatsoever. It's really going well, and some strong pieces of steel are now getting good dents on them!

14 Feb 07 - Gherardo Bonini has found another wrestling date for Apollon in 1907. You will find this in Apollon's page.

13 Feb 07 - A couple of new bends done today by Jim Wylie and Ben Edwards now feature in the bending lists.

13 Feb 07 - Due to requests, find my article on how I lifted the Dinnie Stones in the articles section.

11 Feb 07 - Tonight after being out for a meal I came back and blasted the 4.5" Grade 5 bolt very quickly in about 42 secs. This was done reverse style, but also gets me on the Gripboard top 20 list at about #14. Had a really interesting email from the son of Jim Mills. Jim was a lifter and strongman from the past. He was the Guinness record holder in cue levering, and was featured in the 1979 book.

10 Feb 07 - Laine Snook the Rolling Thunder World Record holder has said he hopes to come down in April to the British RT Champs. Hopefully we could see Laine extend the record that day, and Elizabeth take the women's record. I have now started a Double Underhand bending list due to requests. You will see a couple of names on it already.

9 Feb 07 - So close to getting into the Top 20 on Eric Milfeld's list of 5" and under bends. I bent a Grade 5 x 4.5" bolt to 45 degrees reverse, then after measuring this, bent it to 2 1/4" between the ends DO. Damn! It bent off centre and I just couldn't finish it. Jim Wylie refereed me.

3 Feb 07 - Today my 15 year old son Alexander bent 2 x 6" nails taped together. The photo is in the training gallery. This is an incredible feat for one so young! Yesterday Nick and I actually finished our filming for the first dvd. We worked for about 6 hours yesterday and this has been the case for week upon week, month upon month. I lifted some of my best ever pinch work yesterday - I can't wait to see the final dvd. All the first stock of bending machines have sold out, and the next lot have been ordered. The response so far has been very positive. Thank you for your comments.

31 Jan 07 - Today I had a go at bending a FBBC 6.5" Bastard bar Reverse style and got it to 13 degrees. It was a good hard bend, and it will take maybe a good few weeks before I'm dominating this bar. We've also got some more equipment in the shop, and also an old original strongman postcard from c.1910 for sale.

29 Jan 07 - Great bending done today on both sides of the Atlantic. Today Michael Hadland in the USA, and me here in the UK both bent a 7" FBBC Bastard bar in the Reverse style. See lists in 'bending'. Also check the link on this page to my video which is on the gripboard, where you also will see Michael's fantastic bend. We've also followed suit with the FBBCompany and made the reverse bend to 40 degrees. This just makes it easier for contests and record purposes.

28 Jan 07 - I'm on the way back! Strong pinching today with both hands, and a reverse bend to 17 degrees with a FBBC 7" Bastard bar. All the Bending machines are packaged and being sent out tomorrow.

26 Jan 07 - 15 year old Alexander Horne melted a 5.5" Grade 5 bolt today. The video is in the gripboard gallery. I'm finally getting some bending strength back.Today I bent a Grade 8 x 6" bolt to 63 degrees in the Reverse style.Buying the old Schwinn Airdyne bike to train my shoulders with has certainly paid off.

25 Jan 07 - All of Elizabeth's training will be featured on this site for those who can't access the gripboard. Please find it at the bottom of the menu.

25 Jan 07 - UPDATE

Elizabeth Horne becomes the first woman to bend a Grade 5 bolt!

Elizabeth fully bent a grade 5 today, after her close attempt yesterday. It took about 10 mins, so outside the FBBC cert time zone. Also my phone run out of camera memory so I only have the first 5 mins on video.
I think she'll do it under 5 mins next time.

24 Jan 07 - Elizabeth bent a Grade 5 bolt 6" x 1/4" to 90 degrees double overhand style in just over 5 mins, but she just couldn't finish it off.
Think this will be done next time! Also my 15 year old son Alexander fully bent his Grade 5 bolt in under a minute. Then he kinked a Grade 8! Photos are in the training gallery. They are training hard and the rewards are coming all the time!

23 Jan 07 - I've just added a list of articles written and concerning me in the 'about me' section, and to Elizabeth's profile in the Greats section.

22 Jan 07 - Got a 40 kilo kettlebell delivered today. It's a beautiful item, and I'll find some crazy grip use for it, as well as it being a decoration in my strength collection. Also went to Leeds on sunday and picked up an old Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike. I always wanted one of these from the time they were around in the late 80's/early 90's. I can now train my upper body with this, cardio style, and boy my shoulder is feeling nicer after it.

19 Jan 07 - Photo of Elizabeth lifting the 80k stone in the training part of the gallery. Also added some names to the strongwoman certs list.

17 Jan 07 - Elizabeth today fully bent a 6" nail with a 5mm steel bar taped to it, in double overhand style in 2 mins 25 secs! The photo of this and another new photo is now in the galleries.

15 Jan 07 - Please check the new Strongwoman section on the tool bar on the left. If you know of anyone who may be interested please pass it on.

13 Jan 07 - I've spent quite a few days this week researching an article on the history and articles of the early Health & Strength magazines. It is in the history articles section, and if collecting Physical Culture literature is your interest then you will have seen nothing like it before ever. Enjoy!

12 Jan 07 - Amongst other training tonight Elizabeth did some excellent loose One Hand Pinch Lifting. She did 2 x 15k Weider discs that are 3" wide at the top a few times. Then she tried 2 x 20k Spur discs (2 3/4" wide) and moved them off the floor. She then finished off with some negatives, lowering the weight with one hand. All these were videod for the new dvd. I'm pretty sure this is another first for women!

10 Jan 07 - Went today to the hospital for my check up on my shoulder surgery and they are surprised at the speedy recovery so far. They have given me some rubber tubing to do shoulder exercises, and I will add this to the other training I can do. All's good!

9 Jan 07 - Two new history articles including one on the Regnier Dynamometer. The gallery is now sorted, and you'll see Elizabeth doing her 2" bar deadlifts tonight in the pouring rain. There's also a great photo been added to the Inch Middleweight Dumbell article.

8 Jan 07 - Check the bending page out for Michael Hadland's fantastic record bend, this can be viewed on the gripboard. Elizabeth Horne will be training for the World Record on the Rolling Thunder, this attempt will take place in April. The current World Record is held by Becca Swanson.

5 Jan 07 - Nick McKinless came up to train, and film for the dvd. He brought us a lovely present as well, a 80k round stone for Elizabeth to train on. It's quality! Training was great, some excellent one hand pinching, bending and wrist work, all captured for the forthcoming dvds.

4 Jan 07 - Uploaded 2 more 'Greats' in the history section - John Grun Marx, and Louis Cyr.

3 Jan 07 - Still got a serious forearm pump 4 hours after training! Did a lot of the one hand bending (Underhand and Reverse style) with the bar/machine secured to a bench tonight. Highlight was bending the IronMind Red bar reverse style.

2 Jan 07 - Happy New Year! Just uploaded two more training articles - enjoy.

31 Dec 06 - Excellent bend by Elizabeth today, hopefully we'll get the next one recorded when we buy some more from IronMind. My one hand bending is going great, got an excellent pump in my forearm today from it. Anyway have a good night!

31 Dec 06 - Just uploaded a couple of articles. Now off to train!

29 Dec 06 - Well obviously with my left arm being out of action after the surgery (probably for a good length of time) I can't do any two hand bending, so I wondered if one hand bending would be useful. So I tried some tonight by putting the bar in the upright of an adjustable bench so it's secured, and then bend with my right hand. I bent a 7 1/2" x 8mm CRS bar (calibrated at 205k) to 70 degrees. Then did workload with the bending machine, once again secured to the bench. Hopefully this training can keep some strength and technique for when I start back properly.

29 Dec 06 - The Christmas pre-sale of my Bending machine is over. We should have the machines by mid January, sorry for the delay, this is due to the Christmas holiday. I will notify all buyers by email.

28 Dec 06 - Hope everyone had a nice time over Christmas. I had a great time going out with my family, and got back to my training today. Well, my right arm training that is, and pinched 2 x 20k discs with three fingers and thumb of one hand for 5 secs (pb).

24 Dec 06 - Firstly let me wish you all a Merry Christmas. I've just finished my training, well what I can do with my right hand. On my one hand pinching I worked up to 2 x 20k York discs with 3 fingers for a hold of 3 secs, and then lifted them with my work gloves on as well! This really pleased me and was a pb. In the winter I get better on pinching with more previous attempts and also wearing my sheepskin gloves in between attempts. Warm hands = big pinch lift!

23 Dec 06 - I've just added an article on the One Hand Lift, and one on the Thomas Inch Middleweight Dumbell. Hopefully the latter may jog some memories and we could be lucky and locate its whereabouts.

21 Dec 06 - I've just added some more excellent photos and links to photos of Apollon (under history - Greats), including the one at Vichy where he got injured holding back the 2 cars.

21 Dec 06 - I've just added info and prices for shows, seminars and private training.

19 Dec 06 - Just added a Chronological list of Apollon (Louis Uni) in print. I have accumulated this info over many years. My rehab for my shoulder is going well, and I'm still doing some training.

18 Dec 06 - The Staver foundry who produced the Inch replica dumbells have now ceased production. I wish the Holle brothers of Wales would produce more Inch replicas. I have one of the four they produced and they are superb quality.

18 Dec 06 - Have just uploaded some new info in the bending, strength memorabilia and FAQ sections. The FTP access to upload has been offline for a couple of days - hence no new stuff uploaded till tonight. Anyway enjoy reading the new stuff.

15 Dec 06 - My good friend Randy at IronMind dug up an old cutting of me and put it in their news section. I have hair there too, wow!

15 Dec 06 - Added Bruce White into the 'Greats' today. Click on the history tab to find this section. Had enough of sitting around so decided to do a little grip work with my good arm. Did some pinching of 2 x 20k discs with 3 fingers, and also walked with the 2 x 20k discs for about 10 feet. Then some no set gripper work for reps to finish. Nice to achieve something, also feels like your on the road to recovery.

13 Dec 06 - I’ve just got in from the hospital where I had shoulder surgery, a subacromial decompression, which is basically taking the end of the clavicle bone away. Along with some work on my humurous head as well and basic cleaning up. I have 4 small holes stitched, as it was all done by keyhole. My shoulder is sore, and I can't really move it. Reckon I will be at least 6 weeks out, maybe more, from training with my left hand. Right off for some more painkillers!

11 Dec 06 - I have my shoulder surgery tomorrow, so will be away from this site for a couple of days. But I've just uploaded two great history articles to keep you busy.

10 Dec 06 - A big well done to my mate Nick McKinless who won the Britains Strongest Man u105k Champs in Portsmouth today.

10 Dec 06 - It's Elizabeth Horne's birthday today. 23 years young today!

9 Dec 06 - Had a bit of fun at the end of my Pinch/Grip workout today, finishing with a pinch circuit. I started with a One Hand Pinch Lift of 2 x 20k discs, then straight onto a 100.4k Two Hands Pinch Lift on the Euro pinch apparatus. I quickly unloaded 3 x 10k discs off this and preceeded to pinch lift them in the one hand, and then repeated this with only 3 fingers and a thumb. I may keep this kind of thing in my training at the end (maybe for time), although It may have to be one hand only for a while as I have my shoulder surgery on Tuesday.

9 Dec 06 - Please check the updated 'Books Relating to Grip and Forearm Strength' article in the grip memorabilia section of History.

8 Dec 06 - More articles, including my gripper collection in the grip memorabilia section of history.

7 Dec 06 - Want to do chins but have no bar? Are you ready for rafter chins? Check the new article on how to make the Adjustable Chinning Bar.

6 Dec 06 - If you have any questions regarding grip strength that you would like answered please contact me using the contact link (left). The question and answer will be placed on this page with your name unless you wish to be anonymous.

6 Dec 06 - An article and some British Records have been added, enjoy.

5 Dec 06 - Some of the Pro events for next years BHSA calendar are being organised. This includes a Supermatch contest between Theo Burggraaf of Holland and Steve Gardener of England. This will consist of 5 events, 2 chosen by each athlete, and the fifth drawn from a hat. This will be a close comp!

4 Dec 06 - Bent the 7" x 1/4" square FBBC bar today reverse style to near 90 degrees, and then finished it off with the crush. John Beatty has viewed the video and has given it the thumbs up for the FBBC cert board.

3 Dec 06 - Launch of the new www.davidhorne-gripmaster.com website - please feel free to take a look around and send me your feedback!

2 Dec 06 - David Horne's Wrist Developer now on PRESALE! High quality all-steel construction, with two 12mm bar 'ends' that are tensioned by a selection of springs. The range of motion on the machine will take you from the start position of a straight bar through to a 45 degree bend in a single movement, and then back to the straight bar again to start on reps! Move the springs along the notches to increase the poundage of the bend - or back again to make it easier. A fully adaptable and practical piece of apparatus suitable for any home or commercial gym.See shop for details



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