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BHSA Record Day and Annual Dinner (Under aegis of BHSA)

Saturday 8 November, 2008

Venue: Whey Gym, Gloucester

Promoter: Steve Gardener (In association with BHSA)

All weights in kilo's

Events tried: Grippers, Two Hands Pinch Lift, Blobs, One Hand Deadlift - Thumbless, Thick Dumbells, Overhand Apollon's Axle and Bar Bending. Those in attendance: Laine Snook, Steve Gardener, Laurence Shahlaei, Harry Shahlaei, Paul Woods, Stewart Killick, and Paul Savage.

BHSA Records

One Hand Deadlift - Thumbless grip (Ivanko Olympic Bar)

Steve Gardener – 125k R/H (New British Rec)
Laine Snook 135k L/H (New British Rec)

One Hand 53k 'Baby' Inch Dumbell hold for time

Steve Gardener - 1min 05.31 R/H (New British Rec)

Apollons Axle Double overhand Deadlift

Steve Gardener – 190k (New British Rec)
Laine Snook 200k (New British Rec)

Other feats

Laine Snook did a nice 2 hand deadlift with Paul's 30-kilo blobs, also a one hand clean with the same 30-kilo blob. Steve Gardener lifted an Inch in each hand deadlift (standing up then throwing them down), Laine Snook just missed (3 attempts) going all the way on a double Millennium Dumbell Deadlift (228 and 234lbs).


16th British Hand Strength Championships

Saturday 17 May, 2008

Venue: Whey Gym, Gloucester

Promoter: Steve Gardener (In association with BHSA)

All weights in kilo's

Overall Results

1st. Steve Gardener 491.20
2nd. David Horne 470.80
3rd. Richard Scott 363.99
4th. Fred Coombes 357.93
5th. Stewart Killick 355.72
6th. Sam Solomi 333.34
7th. Scott Roberts 326.79
8th. Paul Wood 316.64

1. Grippers - 20mm block

1. Steve Gardener – 3.65 r/h + 3.29 l/h = 6.94 (New British Rec)
2. Sam Solomi – 3.29 r/h + 3.54 l/h = 6.83 (New British Rec)
3. David Horne – 3.54 r/h + 2.72 l/h = 6.26
4. Richard Scott – 2.96 r/h + 2.72 l/h = 5.68
5. Fred Coombes – 2.96 r/h + 2.25 l/h = 5.21
6. Paul Wood – 2.46 r/h + 2.72 l/h = 5.18
7. Stewart Killick – 2.72 r/h + 2.25 l/h + 4.97
8. Scott Roberts – 2.25 r/h + 2.25 l/h = 4.5

2. Two Hands Pinch Lift

1. David Horne - 109.14k
2. Steve Gardener - 105.58k
3. Scott Roberts - 77.49k
4. Fred Coombes - 76.03k
5. Richard Scott - 71.44k
6. Stewart Killick - 65.53k
7. Paul Wood - 63.97k
8. Sam Solomi - No Lift

3. One Hand Rolling Thunder Lift – Thumbless

1. Steve Gardener – 104.86k r/h + 94.94k l/h = 199.8k
2. David Horne – 94.94k r/h + 90.10k l/h = 185.04k
3. Sam Solomi – 85.05k r/h + 77.61k l/h = 162.66k
4. Scott Roberts – 77.61k r/h + 70.33k l/h = 147.94k
5. Stewart Killick – 72.77k r/h + 73.99k l/h = 145.54k
6. Fred Coombes – 77.61k r/h + 66.67k l/h = 144.28k
7. Richard Scott – 65.38k r/h + 65.38k l/h = 130.76k
8. Paul Wood – 60.41k r/h + 65.38k l/h = 125.79k

4. One Hand Weaver Stick Lift to Rear

1. Steve Gardener – 8.1k r/h + 7.22k l/h = 15.32k
2. David Horne – 7.22k r/h + 7.22k l/h = 14.44k
3. Stewart Killick – 6.54k r/h + 5.14k l/h = 11.68k
4. Richard Scott – 5.5k r/h + 5.5k l/h = 11k
5. Fred Coombes – 6.02k r/h + 4.62k l/h = 10.64k
6. Sam Solomi – 4.1k r/h + 4.1k l/h = 8.2k
7. Paul Wood – 3.94k r/h + 3.94k l/h = 7.88k
8. Scott Roberts – 3.94k r/h + 3.42k l/h = 7.36k

5. One Hand Lift

1. Sam Solomi – 302.57k r/h + 283.09k l/h = 585.66k
2. Steve Gardener – 270.56k r/h + 285.6k l/h = 556.16k
3. David Horne – 263.35k r/h + 285.6k l/h = 548.95k
4. Richard Scott – 222.1k r/h + 243.12k l/h = 465.22k
5. Stewart Killick – 211.99k r/h + 227.26k l/h = 439.25k
6. Fred Coombes – 227.26k r/h + 191.72k l/h = 418.98k
7. Paul Wood – 222.1k r/h + 181.93k l/h = 404.03k
8. Scott Roberts – 201.68k r/h + 201.68 l/h = 403.36k


IAWA (UK) 2” Bar Grip Championships

Saturday 12 April, 2008

Venue: Powerhouse Gym, Burton on Trent

Promoter: Steve Gardner (Under aegis of IAWA)

Overall Results (age, sex and bodyweight handicapped)

1st. Steve Andrews 247.2pts
2nd. Mark Brear 246.3
3rd. James Gardner 230.7

Best Female Lifter: Mandy Hughes
Best Male Junior Lifter: Josh Haydock
Best Open Lifter: James Gardner
Best Master Lifter: Steve Andrews

The lifts contested were : The One Hand Vertical 2” Bar Lift, The One Hand Fulton Dumbell Deadlift and The Two Hands 2” Bar Clean and Push Press.


Peter Horne Memorial Grip Contest (Under aegis of BHSA)

Saturday 5 April, 2008

Venue: Stafford

Promoter: David Horne (In association with BHSA)

All weights in kilo's

Contest Overall Results

1st David Horne 5pts
2nd Steve Gardener 7pts
3rd Alf Squire 16pts
4th Jim Wylie 18pts
4th Dave Johnson 18pts
6th Paul Wood 19pts

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift

1st David Horne 115k (New World Record)
2nd Steve Gardener 99.1k
3rd Alf Squire 82.1k
4th Elizabeth Horne 77k (New Female World Record)
4th Dave Johnson 77k
6th Jim Wylie 75.8k
7th Paul Wood 64.3k
8th Mitch Johnson 26k (aged 10)

2. One Hand Vulcan Gripper - credit card close

(All Right Hand)
1st Steve Gardener Lev 16 (New British Record)
2nd David Horne Lev 13
3rd Jim Wylie Lev 9
4th Alf Squire Lev 8
4th Paul Wood Lev 8
6th Dave Johnson Lev 7
7th Elizabeth Horne Lev 6 (New Female British Record)
8th Mitch Johnson 11 rubber bands (aged 10)

3. Reverse Bending

1st David Horne 5.5” FBBC Square
2nd Steve Gardener 237.5k Challenge bar
3rd Dave Johnson 6” nail cut to 4”
4th Alf Squire 6” nail cut to 5”
4th Paul Wood 6” nail cut to 5”
6th Jim Wylie –

4. Dinnie Ring Lift for Reps (187.1kg on replica)

1st David Horne 20 reps L/H (New British Record)
2nd Steve Gardener 12 reps R/H (New British Record)
3rd Jim Wylie 4 reps R/H
4th Paul Wood 1 lift off the floor (Not 2” high) R/H
5th Dave Johnson No lift
5th Alf Squire No lift

First thing on the agenda was Dave Johnson’s official IM Red bar certification – and this he did in fine style. He is very pleased with this and will be added to the IronMind Red Nail list in due course.

At the halftime interval I had a go at a Braced Bend with the 7/8” bar given to me by Stewart Killick. This bar was 48” long x 22.07mm thick, and was a beast, and only got a few millimetres worth of bend. Tough!!

In our final break before the Dinnies we did the Slippery Eel Challenge in a last man standing format. This keeps the event moving fast, and raising it 10k at a time was tough.

Slippery Eel Challenge.

1st Steve Gardener 99.2k
2nd David Horne 89k
3rd Jim Wylie 79k
3rd Alf Squire 79k
5th Paul Wood 58.4k
5th Dave Johnson 58.4k

Steve Gardener – is looking good, and getting better all the time. Hopefully he will carry on with an onslaught towards next years Champions, after the Brits. Also congratulations on his massive Vulcan credit card close on Lev 16, and he was so close to Lev 17.
Alf Squire –
More of a bodybuilder really, with a big Bench Press, he did very well considering he’s never touched any of this stuff, and really just brought Steve up in his car.
Jim Wylie –
has been pouring his attention into his mountain biking right now, and is mega fit! But considering again he’s done no grip for ages, he did well. Maybe he’ll fancy having a go at the Brits?
Dave Johnson –
his main goal was to cert on the red, and now he fancies a break from bending, and to pursue some fitness, and bodybuilding training. It’ll be a nice change of training for him.
Paul Wood –
was a lot more confident and stronger this year, and if he can take my tips on the Pinch lift onboard will do a lot better. He’s put his entrance fee in for the Brits, and I’ve offered for him to come down and train here when he wants.
Elizabeth Horne
– all of her training is geared towards the World’s Strongest Woman comp in Poland, so today just saw her take some token lifts. Her grip’s not bad though with a new record Pinch when she hasn’t even touched it this year, but then again 115k Farmers in each hand help the strengthen the hands!
Mitch Johnson –
he’s only aged 10, but always enjoys this day. He trains with his dad and if he keeps it all going will be a strong and fit lad. When I asked shall I lower the pole in the pinch lift for him as he had to row it up to touch, he said no it’s fine I’ll row it up. Now that’s quality, no crying about it, he just got on with it. Quality!

After the contest we went for a meal, which is always a favourite part of the day, to have a chat over a meal and a beer. Many thanks for everyone coming and celebrating a special day for me.


Manchester Grip Contest (Under aegis of BHSA)

Saturday 26 January, 2008

Venue: Neil Belcher's home, Manchester.

Promoter: Neil Belcher

All weights in kilo's

Overall Results

1st Paul Savage 30 points
2nd Fred Coombs 21 points
3rd Maxwell Thompson 18 points
4th Jason Horne 15 points
5th Paul Wood 13 points
6th Neil Belcher 12 points

Event One - Grippers (All no set, although the 2.5, the 3 and the 262 were hose-clamped to CC width)

1st Paul Savage (#3)
2nd Fred Coombs(RB210)
3rd Neil Belcher (#2.5)
4th Maxwell Thompson (PDA 262)
5th Paul Wood (#2)
6th Jason Horne (#1.5)

Event Two - LGC Vertical Bar (rising bar)

1st Paul Savage 135Kg
2nd Jason Horne 125Kg
3rd Fred Coombs and Paul Wood 120Kg
5th Maxwell Thompson 110Kg
6th Neil Belcher 80Kg

Event Three - Rolling Thunder

1st Paul Savage 90Kg
2nd Jason Horne, Maxwell Thompson and Fred Coombs 75Kg
5th Paul Wood and Neil Belcher 70Kg

Event Four - Weaver stick Lift to Rear

1st Paul Savage and Fred Coombs 5Kg
3rd Jason Horne and Maxwell Thompson 4.5Kg
5th Paul Wood 3Kg
6th Neil Belcher 2.5Kg

Event Five - Pinch Loading medley, 6 objects to be lifted on to a platform 15” high (well, I say platform, it’s a sofa!) same hand to be used in order: 30lb blob (with 1Kg attached), 27lb concrete block (6” span), 20Kg scale weight, 39Kg kerbstone (5” by 36”; 2-hand pinch), 37.5Kg legacy blob, Blob.

1st Paul Savage 5 items in 9.61 seconds
2nd Maxwell Thompson 5 in 11.16s
3rd Neil Belcher 5 in 12.31s
4th Paul Wood 5 in 15.59s
5th Fred Coombs 5 in 28.15s
6th Jason Horne 3 in 5.66s

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