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14th British Iron Grip Championships

Saturday 20 May, 2006

Venue: Gloucester

Promoter: Steve Gardener

All weights in kilo's

Overall Results

1st. Steve Gardener 441.676pts
2nd. Dean Bolt  389.741pts
3rd. Andy Christie 376.612pts
4th. Chris Williams 356.023pts

1. Grippers

1st Steve Gardener L=2.96 R=3.65 T=6.61
2nd Dean Bolt L=2.46 R=2.46 T=4.92
3rd Chris Williams L=2.25 R=2.46 T=4.71
3rd Andy Christie L=2.25 R=2.46 T=4.71

2. Two Hands Pinch Lift

1st. Steve Gardener 79.76k
2nd. Dean Bolt 79.26k
3rd. Andy Christie 66.76k
4th. Chris Williams 63.26k

3. One Hand Vertical Bar Lift

1st Andy Christie L=129.72 R=129.72 T=240.4
2nd Chris Williams L=120.2 R=129.72 T= 232.94
3rd Dean Bolt L=112.74 R=107.96 T= 211.58
4th Steve Gardener L=134.68 R=0 T=134.68

4. One Hand Deadlift (with hook grip allowed)

1st Steve Gardener L=155.79 R=188.84 T=344.63
2nd Andy Christie L=130.29 R=130.29 T=260.58
3rd Chris Williams L=120.49 R=120.49 T=240.98
4th Dean Bolt L=115.38 R=120.49 T=235.87

5. Rolling Thunder Lift (Thumbless)

1st Steve Gardener L=90.51 R=106.06 T=196.47
2nd Dean Bolt L=76.65 R=80.99 T=175.65
3rd Andy Christie L=69.45 R=69.45 T=138.9
4th Chris Williams L=59.35 R=64.31 T=123.66

IAWA (UK) British Finger Lifting Championships

Saturday 13 May, 2006

Venue: Powerhouse Gym, Burton

Promoter: Barry Anderson and Steve Gardner (Under aegis of IAWA)

Overall Results (age, sex and bodyweight handicapped)

1st. Barry Anderson 333.1
2nd. Ian Murphy 263.4
3rd. Mandy Hughes 256.2
4th. Steve Gardner 242.7
5th. Mark Shaw 234.2
6th. Scott Paggett 225.5
7th. Peter Cokayne 224.5
8th. Andy Goddard 220.6
9th. Karen Gardner 211.2
10th. Frank Allen 209.6
11th. Elliot Laban 209.0
12th. Colin Hughes 200.3
13th. Jason Reed 195.9

The lifts contested were: Index Finger Lift, Middle Fingers Clean & Press, Ring Finger Lift and Little Fingers Deadlift

Peter Horne Memorial Grip Strength Day 2006

Saturday April 8th, 2006.

Venue; Stafford


British Novice Grip Champs

We only had 3 novices so they had a go at what they fancied.

British Pinch Lift Champs

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift

1. David Horne 109.2k W.R.
2. Jim Wylie 84.3k
3. Dave Johnson 78.8k
4. Jason Horne 73.6k
5. Maxwell Thompson 71.5k
6. Gary Hunt 66.3k
7. Mike Doolash 54.8k

2. Two Hands Pinch Lift of weighted car tyre (5” wide at top).

1. David Horne 113.2k
2. Jim Wylie 106.4k
3. Dave Johnson 71.4k
3. Maxwell Thompson 71.4k
5. Gary Hunt 60.5k


1. David Horne
2. Jim Wylie
3. Dave Johnson
4. Maxwell Thompson
5. Gary Hunt
6. Jason Horne
7. Mike Doolash

British Hub Lifting Champs

1. One Hand Hub Lift with 45lb disc and extra weight.

1. David Horne +8k
1. Dave Johnson +8k
3. Jim Wylie +2.9k
3. Maxwell Thompson +2.9k

2. One Hand Triple Hub Lift (From Stan Pike).

1. David Horne 22.3k
2. Dave Johnson 18.3k
3. Maxwell Thompson 13.2k


1. David Horne
2. Dave Johnson
3. Maxwell Thompson
4. Jim Wylie

British Nail/Bar Bending/Breaking Champs II

1. Unbraced bending in 2 mins.

1. Gary Hunt 290k bar
2. Maxwell Thompson 280k bar
3. Dave Johnson 237.5k bar
4. Richard Scott 185k bar
5. Mike Doolash 162.5k bar

2. Bending Underhand with 2” x 2” leather pads.

1. Gary Hunt Biggest kink
2. Richard Scott
2. Dave Johnson
4. Maxwell Thompson 150k
5. Mike Doolash 147.5k

3. Unbraced snapping of a Challenge Bar in 10 mins.

1. Richard Scott 167.5k in 3 min 50 secs.
2. Dave Johnson 167.5k in 3 min 52 secs.
3. Gary Hunt 145k
4. Mike Doolash 132.5k
5. Maxwell Thompson –


1. Gary Hunt 13 pts
2. Dave Johnson 10.5 pts
2. Richard Scott 10.5 pts
4. Maxwell Thompson 7 pts
5. Mike Doolash 4 pts

Total Wrist Tester

1. David Horne 28.75k
2. Jim Wylie 27.5k
3. Dave Johnson 22.5k
4. Gary Hunt 21.25k
5. Maxwell Thompson 20k
6. Mike Doolash 11.25k

Rolling Thunder attempt (Brand new handle)

1. David Horne 96.6k
2. Jim Wylie 91.4k
3. Jason Horne 81.2k
4. Maxwell Thompson 78.6k
5. Dave Johnson 64.7k
5. Gary Hunt 64.7k

We then went for a big steak after (Gazza had 2!). It was a lovely day, with some great lifts. Boy am I pleased with mine, especially my big pinch. It’s the first time I’ve beaten Dave Johnson on the hub! Also many thanks to all the people who helped to make this day a memorable day. My dad would have loved this kind of get together.

Cheers mates!!


Copyright David Horne 2006