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11th British Iron Grip Championships

Saturday 2 Aug, 2003: Professional
Sunday 3 Aug, 2003: Amateur

Venue: Stafford

Promoter: David Horne

All weights in kilo's (except for the dynamometer)

Overall Results (Professional Class)

1st. David Horne 720.71 pts
2nd. Steve Gardener 606.8
3rd. Kalle Lane (Swe) 589.16
4th. Jim Wylie 576.15
5th. Paul Preece 504.99
6th. Arne Persson (Swe) 396.65

1. One Hand Pinch Lift

1. David Horne 60kg
2. Kalle Lane 45kg
3. Jim Wylie 42.5kg
4. Steve Gardener 35kg
4. Paul Preece 35kg
6. Arne Persson 30kg

2. Two Hands Dynamometer

1. David Horne 720 lb
2. Paul Preece 610 lb
3. Kalle Lane 600 lb
4. Arne Persson 570 lb
4. Jim Wylie 570 lb
6. Steve Gardener 560 lb

3. One Hand Dinnie Lift

1. David Horne 260kg
2. Jim Wylie 210kg
3. Steve Gardener 200kg
3. Kalle Lane 200kg
5. Arne Persson 185kg
6. Paul Preece 175kg

4. Weaver Stick Lift to Rear

1. Steve Gardener 8.1kg
2. David Horne 8.05kg
3. Jim Wylie 6.05kg
3. Kalle Lane 6.05kg
5. Paul Preece 5.05kg
5. Arne Persson 5.05kg

5. One Hand Deadlift 2" Bar (No hook grip)

1. Steve Gardener 102.5kg
2. Kalle Lane 95kg
3. David Horne 90kg
3. Jim Wylie 90kg
5. Paul Preece 75kg
6. Arne Persson 0kg

Overall Results (Amateur Class)

1st. Jason Horne 536.29 pts
2nd. Elizabeth Talbot 526.41
3rd. Andrew Christie 510.44
4th. Richard Scott 486.08
5th. Dave Johnson 485.23
6th. Dave Warrilow 463.40
7th. Oliver Horne 462.29
8th. Scott Essery 406.92
9th. Jason Townsend 403.77
10th.Gareth Harris 399.14
11th.Mark Ingledew 384.16
12th.Paul Bennet 357.73

(Lynch, bodyweight, age and gender formulae were used in this class)

1. One Hand Pinch Lift
Jason Horne 47.5kg
Elizabeth Talbot 37.5kg
Andrew Christie 37.5kg
Oliver Horne 37.5kg
Dave Warrilow 35kg
Dave Johnson 35kg
Gareth Harris 35kg
Richard Scott 32.5kg
Scott Essery 30kg
Jason Townsend 31kg
Mark Ingledew 25.5kg
Paul Bennet 23kg

2. Two Hands Dynamometer

Jason Horne 640 lb
Dave Warrilow 620 lb
Dave Johnson 610 lb
Andrew Christie 560 lb
Jason Townsend 540 lb
Richard Scott 530 lb
Gareth Harris 500 lb
Scott Essery 480 lb
Elizabeth Talbot 470 lb
Oliver Horne 470 lb
Paul Bennet 400 lb
Mark Ingledew 360 lb

3. One Hand Dinnie Lift

Richard Scott 220kg
Jason Horne 220kg
Andrew Christie 190kg
Dave Warrilow 175kg
Dave Johnson 170kg
Gareth Harris 165kg
Oliver Horne 160kg
Jason Townsend 155kg
Paul Bennet 150kg
Scott Essery 150kg
Mark Ingledew 150kg
Elizabeth Talbot 140kg

4. Weaver Stick Lift to Rear

Richard Scott 6.05kg
Jason Horne 5.05kg
Dave Warrilow 4.55kg
Andrew Christie 4.3kg
Gareth Harris 4.25kg
Dave Johnson 4.05kg
Mark Ingledew 4.05kg
Scott Essery 3.55kg
Jason Townsend 3.85kg
Elizabeth Talbot 3.8kg
Paul Bennet 3.2kg
Oliver Horne 3.05kg

5. One Hand Deadlift 2" Bar (No hook grip)

Jason Horne 75kg
Andrew Christie 75kg
Dave Warrilow 67.5kg
Richard Scott 65kg
Dave Johnson 65kg
Elizabeth Talbot 65kg
Gareth Harris 65kg
Jason Townsend 65kg
Paul Bennet 60kg
Scott Essery 60kg
Oliver Horne 60kg
Mark Ingledew 60kg


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